Yes, 100%...We would love to work with you...Or at least discuss the idea! I think we can both agree that it has to be a good fit. I mean, I don't think it would be the best idea to have my girls shoot off your company's fireworks for a product launch gala. It would make for a phenomenal photo-opp, but safety first.

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The typical Girls Traveling reader is a girl looking for a few minutes of escape in her busy day to day. She's in her mid twenties to late forties and is probably getting ready to start a family...if she hasn't already! A GT reader is social media savvy and looks to her social media channels for advice on everything from decor to recipes to TRAVEL! She's a planner and enjoys taking the proverbial bull by the horns to get things done.

When you collaborate with Girls Traveling you'll be reaching thousands of women just like the one described above. She utilizes the tools of social media and blogs to expedite her already packed schedule. She wants part of the guessing game to be made just a touch easier so she can rest assured she's getting quality. By collaborating with Girls Traveling we'll represent your brand with :

- Beautiful Imagery : All of my collaborations include high-quality images, highlighting the important features and telling the story of your brand...and of course how our family fits into it. When necessary, I hire out photography to make sure your brand is highlighted in the very best way!

- Social Shares : When collaborating with Girls Traveling you'll be able to not only reach my readers through our storytelling and beautiful blog images, but also all of our social media platforms bringing your total impressions to 50,000+. Social shares across all platforms are always included in all collaborations.

- What sets us apart : So very very many reviews feel...sponsored. Whomp whomp. And that's just the nature of the beast. But what you'll get when working with Girls Traveling is a voice that stands out. I like to take a self-deprecating, real, humorous, and usually a little too honest approach. But it's why our readers trust what we share.

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