Tuesday, December 18, 2018
The quickest DIY ornaments you can't mess up! Paint Shaking Ornaments are easy for kids and parents, alike!

Last year I made the sweetest handprint, salt dough ornaments as little keepsakes for our tree. I'm obsessed and can't get over how much my gals have grown in just 12 months. And then this year I wanted to do ornaments together, again, but I was having a hard time finding something they would get excited about. Who am I kidding...they'd be excited about anything. The truth is, I found these paint shaking ornaments on Instagram and they looked easy enough and I knew the girls would enjoy picking out all the paint colors and trimmings.

Since our tree is already packed with ornaments I went with the idea that these would be for the girls' tree. (Moms - if you don't have a designated kids tree, get one. Put it right next to your big tree if you have to. It has saved our ornaments, some that are over 30 years old and extremely breakable.) So we picked bright, non-traditional holiday colors and got busy.


  • Plastic, clear bulb ornaments (We also chose plastic over glass ornaments...for obvious reasons.)
  • Martha Stewart Acrylic Paint (There are other paint options, but from what I read, Martha Stewart brand works the best because it's the thickest. We picked our's up from Michael's.)
  • Bulb flair - I snagged some ribbon and tassels from the fabric store and then made mini poms, because...we had the yarn and the pom maker, so why not?!


  • Step One : Take the ornament topper off
  • Step Two : Squeeze about a tablespoon of paint into the ornament. (Maybe a little's not an exact science.)
  • Step Three : Shake a few times and then rotate the bulb and shake a few more times. Rotate again, shake a few more times. Continue this until your bulb is fully covered. If you didn't skimp on the paint, your bulb should be covered pretty easily. 
  • Step Four : Wait a couple of days for the paint to dry with the topper off. It kind of takes forever.  
  • Step Five : Replace the topper and add your bulb flair! 
So easy! Granted, the girls couldn't help add the flair, but they did enjoy helping with the shaking. I HIGHLY recommend having them put a paper towel over the opening as they shake. Their little thumbs just aren't big enough to cover the hole completely during the shaking process. 

Now I need to think of a real keepsake ornament. One that can adorn our tree that will make me cry each year I pull it out thinking about how big my gals are getting. I'm not're crying. (SOB)



Friday, December 07, 2018
I have two quick Holiday DIY's for you today! Salt Dough Ornaments that are super fast and easy as well as a Letter to Santa template, you just have to print it off!

Last holiday season Elli was only a few months old, but I was feeling extra Pinterest-y. And after decorating our tree with all of my childhood ornaments I knew I wanted my girls to have the same feeling of nostalgia each year they decorated. 
Enter : The sweetest, little salt dough handprint ornaments. I mean, can we talk about her chubby, little fingers?! Mmmm...just delicious. And while I have serious regrets that I didn't do one of these little handprints for Kaye and Sawyer's first Christmases, at least I have one for year three and five. (I'm not crying, YOU'RE crying!)

Anyway, click either of the links to take you over to the original Salt Dough Ornament tutorial!
Next up! Letter to Santa printable!
Now hang in there with me on this one. There are lots of steps to follow. 

Step One : Click here
Step Two : Print

That's it! Then you just have to write the little letter to Santa and the magic of Christmas lives on for another year. 

And while we're here talking about all things Christmas - I ran across this image of Kaye and those sweet, short curls! I'm dead. She's newly three in this image and all I can think is - 

1. I cannot believe how much she's changed in three years.
2. Thank God for this blog. I'm clicks away from stories and years of memories.

Read the full post here to see images of Sawyer...back when I called her Sawyer-muff because she was still pretty sweet.
Have a wonderful weekend. I need to start mentally preparing myself for a shopping trip with all three girls to Boise today. 


Wednesday, December 05, 2018
A weekend away from the farm is perfectly and easily spent locally for a staycation in Boise, Idaho at The Grove Hotel. Perfectly situated in the heart of downtown Boise, The Grove Hotel has a completely remodeled lobby, bar, and restaurant.

A couple of weekends ago my farmer and I had the chance to head an hour from the farm for a night out on the town with our friends. (Fellow parents of young girls who were also desperate for some adult / no-children-allowed time.) We all decided that an overnight in Boise would be best so that nobody had to worry about driving home so late at night. We booked our rooms at The Grove Hotel knowing how well situated it is within the downtown scene and it's close proximity to all the yummy food and drink places we love to frequent...and we were even able to explore some we've never been to. We were not disappointed!

Upon arrival the hotel was buzzing with all the guests. The Grove Hotel is attached to the Century Link Arena and with the college basketball tournament going on you could feel the fun energy of the weekend. We quickly got checked in and headed to the 13th floor to our room. We were so high up and had a great view of downtown Boise. We could see the foothills and all the lights and it was pretty obvious we were no longer in Kansas...on the farm.

I took to getting ready, and because my farmer doesn't like to wait around he immediately put on his swimming shorts and one of the plush robes in our room and took off for the hot tub. That guy never misses an opportunity to wear a robe. It's just one of the 2094820 reasons he makes me laugh and I adore him. Just as I finished up, my farmer got back, changed, and we headed downstairs to enjoy some beverages at The Bar (literally called The Bar) while we waited for our partners in crime, Kath and Stephen.

Our friends are fully responsible for the idea behind our date night. Kath and Stephen came prepared with a little baggy full of slips of paper with different bars / restaurants to keep us busy throughout the night. We were to enjoy appetizers and one beverage at each location. Then it was time to draw another slip and be on our way.

We started at the new restaurant, Trillium. To say the cocktails were as delicious as they were beautiful is an understatement! I enjoyed the French 75 (highly recommend!) as well as a cocktail I can't remember the name of...oh no! But also delicious and also the cocktail in the picture. Kath and I even ate the flower - moms on the town are wild like that. And don't worry - we ate too. The charcuterie board was perfect for sharing. Once that was devoured we bid farewell to our funny server, Ronnie (not his real name...we just called him that because we're obnoxious), and headed via scooters to our next food and beverage location.

We continued all over town for the next several hours and made it back to The Grove at a respectable hour. Not too early...not too late. LIE! It was soooo late, but we were having such a good time. The best part about it being so late was knowing we didn't have to drive home. We could enjoy the evening knowing that we had a beautiful, comfortable room waiting for us back at the hotel. Thank God, because we were wiped.

The next morning we slept in (7:30 am is sleeping in) and made it back to Trillium for a delicious breakfast. My Farmer had biscuits and gravy (because that's what farmers eat) and my eggs / bacon / potatoes didn't disappoint either.

And while we would have loved to stay at least three more nights, we had to get back to our babies. But friends - a singular date night on the town can quickly remind you of what it was like before kids...even with the early wake-up. And double-bonus if you get to stay at a fun, beautiful, downtown hotel.

A huge thank you to The Grove Hotel for helping us to feel / act 25 again.

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