Tuesday, April 09, 2019

In the middle of this school year we decided it would be in the best interest to homeschool our girls. Because we live on a farm so far away from where we would like our girls to attend school, it's just not feasible at this time. So, I figured, why not give homeschool a try. And while we're at it...let's take ultimate advantage of still having a loose schedule and travel as much as possible while we're at it.

How IS homeschooling going?  

It seems like life has been spinning at a crazy speed lately and I'd really like to take a hot second for it slow down. I mean...I have to get Kaye ready for first grade at home. Yes...even though I would say I've epically failed at Kindergarten, I'm going to swing for the fence for first grade. Ps. Each and every single day both girls request to go to real school. Tell me this is normal.

But...Okay. I will say I'm not doing a terrible job. Kaye's reading is improving daily. Her handwriting is beautiful. We've worked through a solid amount of math. And we're working through the rest of the sight words. (Girlfriend hates sight words...and I definitely don't blame her. I don't remember doing sight words back in the day. When did these come about?) And I have big plans to celebrate her finishing up Kindergarten. And by big plans I mean I haven't planned anything, but I'm planning to plan something. She deserves it. She's worked hard / we've worked hard.

I get a lot of I can't believe you homeschool / that would be so hard / I could never do it comments. And it is hard. But it's also surprisingly rewarding. I'm acutely aware of how both girls are succeeding. I've learned their style of learning. I know that Sawyer would power through three math lessons because she enjoys the stickers, while Kaye gets extremely frustrated if she doesn't do each concept perfectly the first time. (She's been humbled.)

More pros : Not having to wake them up before they're ready each morning. Not having to pack school lunches. Stress-free mornings since I'm not reminding them 14 times to get your shoes on, get your backpack, eat your breakfast, eat your breakfast, no, I'm not redoing your hair, etc. And that's just in the morning! I'm no longer responsible for two snack days a month. I'm not forking over tuition each month. The list goes on...

The biggest pro to not having the girls in school : We've taken some super fun trips that never would have been possible had they been going to school - in the traditional sense. We've gone skiing mid-week several times. We took a 10 day trip to Oahu in January / February. My farmer and I sent the girls to stay with Nana and Grandpa for an entire week two weeks ago! We just returned from a trip to California to see my sister and her family...and that's not all. We're planning our next trip coming up in May! I think we're going to head over and down to Utah to see what Salt Lake City has to offer / possibly drive further to St. George!

See what I'm saying? This homeschool business is paying off. It's just hard for the girls to see it at their ages.

How long do I plan on homeschooling?

It's an ongoing conversation between the farmer and me. We both want every single opportunity for our girls. I want them to experience the fun that comes with going to a big school and he really enjoyed his time at a small school (graduating class of NINE). Ultimately, we see our girls attending school in Boise, but it probably won't happen until all three are of school we have four more years.

Which curriculum are you using?

Good question. We haven't purchased a branded curriculum...yet. With Kindergarten my goal was to get Kaye a strong foundation in reading and writing and work through a math program I found. We also practice those dreaded sight words.

For this next year I've researched and decided on a program from The Good and the Beautiful. I'm purchasing the Language Arts / History / Math / Creative Arts + Crafts / and several elective units for Science. And of course I'll be rounding out our curriculum with lots of travel.

Sawyer won't be in Kindergarten yet (one more year!), so we'll work on reading, writing, and math...and she'll definitely participate in the arts and crafts.


You guys - There are countless blogs and Instagram accounts oozing all the workbooks / supplies / ideas / projects you could ever need / want and I found it to be unbearably overwhelming. Actually, when I fall into the rabbit hole I come out feeling really sad and like a failure. Not fun. So I quickly learned to avoid that approach (now that I have some base knowledge) and have purchased some goodies that I know will work for us over the coming years. A lot of the supplies are on Amazon. (I need to write a love letter to Amazon.)

I've created a list on Amazon so you can easily view / shop those goodies. A lot of the stuff could just be nice to have at home for extra practice. You can find that list here. There's stuff like puzzles, counting cubes, word wheels, geometric shapes, books, handwriting practice, etc. I'm always adding fun stuff I find.


Funny story. When I decided to do this I reached out to the Department of Education and asked about funding for homeschool families and the gal's response was : There are currently no funding opportunities in the state of Idaho. I. Was. Shocked.

As it turns out...There may not be funding, per say, but there are options. Thanks for the zero help lady from the Department of Education. It's pretty clear she wanted to answer my e-mail in as few words as possible.

Luckily, Amy (farmerswifeamy) homeschools her boys and had heard about Tech Trep Academy. Now, neither of us have actually used Tech Trep, but it is an option to provide funding for each child starting in Kindergarten. There's also an Idaho specific Facebook page that I've found to be a great place to read up on what other families are doing / using / participating in.

We currently have our application out for review. Upon acceptance, there are requirements, such as weekly accountability, curriculum review, and standardized testing. I'm more than open to trying this out for the year.

Major bonus : The fluidity you get by being in charge. What works for families with 9-5 lives would never work for our family. I'm so grateful we have options.

Secondary bonus : The funding we will receive from Tech Trep can not only go towards supplies and curriculum, but also music lessons, field trips, gardening, gymnastics, technology...and so so many other things.
1   /   2   /   3   /   4   /   5

Homeschool Room

Ugh. Patience is one thing I wish I had more of in all aspects of life. I'm an instant gratification kind of gal.

Currently, we do homeschool all over the house. Sometimes Kaye and I read on our bed because we can shut the door and it's quiet (hi Elli!). We work on lessons / handwriting at the kitchen table, which is also the location of art. Naturally, PE happens when I lock them outside. Kidding.

On that note, we are in the very beginning stages of building our garage (yes, we do not have a garage). It will have a spot on the north wall with huge windows that overlooks the farm. It'll have it's own entrance and really be a space that we can go to, put in our time, and then we're not constantly looking at school supplies on our kitchen table.

Pin the look!
All this to say...I'm feeling great in our current position, although my planning ahead for lessons could use some improvement. I'm assuming year one of homeschool is the toughest. Not only because it's new for all of us, but also, Elli is just so young. It's been tough with a one year old, little sister crying and clawing at mom for more attention when my attention is needed in seventeen other places at any given moment. We'll survive and I know it's worth it.

Questions about our homeschooling experience so far? Ask away!

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Tuesday, March 26, 2019
Last week the big girls and I hopped a quick flight to California to see my sister and her family and it was just the best getaway. Yes, our Farmer stayed home with our Elli so that we could have a perfectly relaxing time catching up and maximizing fun. I also noted four easy tips for air travel with kids.

Aside from farming season breathing down our necks and back to back to back trips (where did February and March go?)...We have had the very best start to our 2019.

So how about that quick trip to California? Yes! My farmer offered to keep Elli and It was just brilliant. As much as we missed our Farmer and our Elli-girl it was so fun to travel with the big girls.

My sister lives in Chico (northern California)...and Chico really is such a cute town. It's the easiest trip to get there. We hop on a super inexpensive flight (less than $200 p/ticket) and fly into Sacramento. It's non-stop. From there you rent a car and drive an hour an a half. Easy! But...I will say I have a few tricks up my sleeve that make it even easier.

Tip #1 : Pack Light
If you're traveling as a solo parent...less is more. Wave hi to the bag lady up above! We packed one carry-on suitcase for the gals. I got them each a suitcase for Christmas and it was by far their most-loved gift. And then each girl has a set of packing cubes. I have these for Kaye and these for Sawyer. That way when they go to get dressed they know which design to grab to find their clothes easily. It also keeps them from tearing through the entire suitcase. And then I carried all my clothes and toiletries in a backpack.

I used this one from Osprey. It's roomy and comfortable to wear. I packed two pairs of shoes and three outfits plus workout clothes. At the last minute I took my jacket out and I'm so glad I did. Be cutthroat when packing. Take things out if the return on investment isn't going to pay off.

Theeeennnn...each girl had a backpack to haul around their goodies. We purchased these backpacks for school and they've been great. Exactly zero wear and tear and I'm glad they aren't going to outgrow them in a year. Probably more like 10 years.

Tip #2 : Inside the backpacks 
I'd like to say I let the girls help me pack their travel backpacks, but that's never worked out. No. They are still at the age where they see a random toy on the ground next to their backpack and think, "Yeah. This looks good." So, I'm teaching them all about thoughtful packing and putting some forethought into the process. I also don't pack something if I think it won't hold their attention for at least 20 minutes. (Two 10 minute intervals is fine too.)

Staples : headphones / iPad / coloring books + markers / blank sheets of paper / SNACKS!

My Farmer also found these Tiger Tribe coloring books a few years ago and they've been a favorite of the girls'. They've been through several of the books. We save them for travel, not every day use.

(It was less than a two hour flight, so we didn't need really anything...but we brought the goods just in case.)

I also threw in their favorite blankies, sunglasses, and this time Kaye brought along a couple of reading books and some sight words.

Tip #3 : Smile a lot
I know this sounds so so very very random, but it helped me a ton. I tend to be a stress ball - so when we were directed to the Economy Lot (regular parking was full) at the airport without any time to spare I could immediately feel myself getting worked up. We hadn't even left Boise yet! But then I gals were counting on me! I needed to keep it cool and set a good example. So I smiled. I told the girls everything was going to work out, they just needed to be good listeners and to stay close to mommy. And what do you know...There were no Sawyer melt-downs and Kaye was a great listener and a huge help. I felt totally relaxed. And everything worked out! It totally set the tone for the trip.

Tip #4 : Ditch the Stroller + Check your Car Seats
This is probably a case by case situation, but there was just one of me and the stroller would have been just one more thing I would have had to navigate. Plus Sawyer would have insisted on riding...and she has two perfectly good legs. So, we didn't bring it and we didn't miss it a single time.

Car Seats : Did you know car seats can be checked for free? I wasn't in the mood to schlep them through the airport on top of all the other things I was rolling / hauling, so we threw them in one of Alaska's giant, plastic airport sacks and picked them up when we got to California. So easy.

One other thing - We have this booster for traveling for both girls and they are so so easy and small.

And let me say it one more time - Don't sweat the small stuff. This is my mantra, because people, I'm a sweater of all the tiny things.'s what I do best.

While we were in sunny rainy Chico we kept those girls busy. (Between my sister and me we have five girls and zero boys.) But mostly we just wanted to do nothing. It's been almost six months since I've seen my sister, so just hanging out at the house while the girls played was fabulous. However, in between girl chats we did manage a few outings!

Most notable was our trip to the new Chico Children's Museum. It was loaded with a mini shopping market, a dentists office, a vet clinic, a little barn + garden, a lego wall, a cafe, an arts and crafts area...but the girls' favorite space was the sensory area. It was quite dark inside and you had to be quiet. All the play equipment was white - giant ball bit, swing hammocks and a swing bed, large neon cubes, giant lava lamp-esque things...I can see why the girls loved it. And we loved it was quiet.

We followed the museum with lunch at Parkside. It has cornhole and Jenga set up on their patio which made for more girl chats for time for the girls. And you see - it would not have been possible had we had Elli with us. Yes, we missed her...kind of.

(I'm dying over Sawyer's split jump in the image below.)

The night before we left they took us to Shubert's...which I've been told has the very best ice cream. (Hello - living that miserable dairy-free life over here!) The girls appeased me with exactly 12 seconds to take their "cousin picture"...and it's in this shot that we really do miss Elli. I mean...what's cuter than four girl cousins? Five.

We're so glad to be back on the farm...and I'm not sure there's been a happier baby to see her sisters. (I think our Farmer was happy to see us too...Elli wore him out.) But now it's time to finish up Kaye's Kindergarten year and make sure she's prepared and ready for first grade! Speaking of first grade - I definitely need to start planning out her curriculum. Go ahead and ask me how that's going in exactly two weeks. (Answer : the same as it's going right now.)

If you have any questions about our travels or any of the goodies we use on the regular, don't hesitate to ask! Comment below or send me an e-mail!

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Heads up! While all opinions are my own, I have included affiliate links within this post. This doesn't mean you pay a penny more for clicking the link, it simply means I receive a small commission. If you have any questions about this, please don't hesitate to ask! Thank you!


Tuesday, March 12, 2019
Answering all your questions about the details of our Oahu / Aulani (Disney Resort) family vacation! If you missed last weeks recap, find it HERE!
Okay! Last month we all packed our swimming suits and planned an extremely last minute trip to Oahu / Aulani...that resort in Hawaii by Disney. But seriously...A lot of people didn't know there was even a Disney resort in Hawaii! Surprise...Mickey and Minnie are working on their tropical tans.

Back to last minute - When I say this I mean from the time I booked our flight / room to the time we left it was two weeks. Quick turnaround.

A few weeks ago I asked you guys to share with me any questions you might have had about our trip...and I'm finally getting to my promise to answer all those. If I miss something, please! Just throw your question in the comments or send me an e-mail and I'll get that answered!


1. Is it worth the cost?

Let's get down to the hard cash right off the bat. Was it worth it? This is such a hard question. You have to look at your own situation. For us, yes. 100% worth it. The girls were beyond happy. We escaped 10º temperatures. We hadn't gone on any sort of long, family vacation since Kaye was 3 MONTHS OLD!!! The condo we stayed at was beautiful and the beaches were amazing. Aulani had one million things for the girls to be excited about and Russell and I found tons of time to relax. So, for us, the cost was worth it. We took advantage of every day!

2. Sleeping situation with multiple kids.

This one always stresses me out...even though I try to tell myself that it shouldn't. Because shouldn't. It's not like any of our children have ever stayed up all night long. I have to sleep!

At the condo we had a three bedroom unit. One room had two twins. One room had a queen. The master had a king with a walk-in closet. Elli stayed in a pack 'n play in the walk-in closet...because we're good parents. The girls shared the bedroom with the twin beds. Uncle Kody had the queen bedroom.

We put Elli in as separate of a space as possible whenever we travel because it's just what works best for her / us. I wouldn't say she's a sensitive sleeper at home, but when we travel she seems to have an acute sense of someone's presence in her space. Even if we're super quite / tip-toeing. She just knows. So, having the door of the master closet between her and the master bedroom was super nice.

With Kaye and Sawyer - They share a room at home, so we knew it was going to be exciting for them to share a space again. No issues!

At Aulani - Poor Elli was put in the bathroom (which is separate from the toilet / shower in the 1-bedroom unit). The bathroom is right next to the master with a sliding door separating the two spaces. Honestly, she was so exhausted by the end of the day, she slept so well. She was basically asking to go to bed.

The girls slept in the living room. It has a pull down bed (smaller than a twin) right under the TV and a full size (maybe queen?) pull out from the sofa. Kaye loved the idea of sleeping in that tiny bed, so that's what she did. So Sawyer enjoyed diva status in her very own queen bed.


3. What activities did you do?

We did all the things! Okay, not all the things. We were definitely limited with Elli. Truly, we thought we would have Uncle Kody babysit Elli A LOT more so we could take the girls to do fun activities all around Oahu...But we ended up spending tons of time at the pool and beach because that's what they wanted to do every day...not to mention it was just. So. Easy.
Here's a list of activities we did :

- Polynesian Cultural Center
- Beach / Pool time
- Lots of Piña Colada drinking (my personal favorite activity)
- North Shore to watch surfing
- Snorkling
- Lots of water sliding
- Character breakfast at Aulani (make reservations early)
- Aunty's Beach House every day per the girls' request (pro tip : fill out registration paperwork prior to resort arrival)
- Dinner at Monkeypod

I will say - In my research there were places like Leonard's Bakery that lots of blogs said was a MUST...but, that's just not really our thing. We didn't travel to Hawaii to eat a doughnut or masala...we traveled for the weather and water!

You can also do tons of hikes. Hikes to waterfalls. Hikes to volcanos. But do you know what would have happened? Sawyer would have claimed to have broken her legs. Both of them. Elli would have been screaming to walk at a snails pace. And Kaye would just be our #1 favorite because she's the best. Ha! So...we kept it safe. Activities with a quick / easy exit strategy in case anything blew up in our faces.

Here's a list of activities I do recommend if you have older kids or no kids :

- Pearl Harbor
- Shopping at Waikiki
- Luau!
- Makapu'u Lighthouse hike
- Botanical Gardens
- Kualoa Nature Reserve - (think Jurassic Park / zipline / electric bike tour / horseback)

Moving on to all questions Aulani (Disney resort)

4. Did the characters wander around or were there long lines to meet them?

The characters 100% wandered around. We spotted them not so often that it wasn't special, but often enough that the girls never felt like they were missing out.

As far as actually meeting characters - You're either going to want to be a Vacation Club Member or sign up for a character meal. If you're not a Vacation Club Member you're going to be standing in line for a looooong time to meet the characters. That wasn't for us, and luckily the girls weren't interested in standing in line either.

The best news - The characters pop into Aunty's Beach House throughout the day. The girls got to meet Stitch / Minnie / Daisy / Muana all on different days. We also happened to be in the right place at the right time several times to meet Mickey and then Goofy without having to stand in line.

At the character breakfast the girls met Goofy, Mickey, Minnie, and Aunty. And between the marathon meet and greet they gorged on

Speaking of food...

5. How was the food?

Okay - A bit to say on this. Because we have all these children we knew food was going to be a large expenditure on vacation if we decided to eat out. So...we decided to go happy medium. We stayed in a 1-bedroom unit, so our space had a full kitchen with a dishwasher. (And it gets fully cleaned every day...including dishes!) I cooked breakfast each morning which included pancakes, fruit, yogurt, oatmeal, eggs, toast...Those sorts of things. Lunch consisted of either leftovers or something easy like PB + J sandwiches with fruit or mac + cheese. For dinner I would cook fish with rice and veggies, fish tacos, chicken...and I think I made breakfast for dinner once. We also ate at a local Mexican restaurant which was super delicious. I don't recall the name, but it's right across the street from the resort and also by Island Vintage Coffee (go here for the acai bowls!).

If you're going to be eating out for the duration of your stay the food at the resort was just fine! We ate a character breakfast at Makahiki as well as dinner on our final night. It's a buffet which is just the right speed for our girls. They've never done a buffet before, so the idea of picking out all their food plus desserts blew their minds.

If you want table service go to 'Ama'Ama. We didn't go because it just wasn't quite the right speed for what we were looking for. There's a dress code and I'm not sure the girls would have really appreciated the ocean view. However - It looked beautiful and I'm sure Russell and I would have enjoyed!

There are several bars around the resort and I particularly enjoyed the ones close to the pool for easy access to my piña coladas. We ordered food a couple of times for lunch so we didn't have to go back to the room.

If you're looking for places to eat close by there are several restaurants across from the resort like Monkeypod and the Mexican restaurant I mentioned earlier. You can also pick up food at a little grocery store or grab a latte and acai bowl at Island Vintage Coffee - yes please!

6. Why did you go there rather than Disney World?

We've never been to Disney World, but we're not counting it out! We went to Hawaii because we weren't looking specifically for a Disney vacation. We wanted warm weather and the ocean. Not only that, but it's less expensive for us to fly to Hawaii than it is to Florida! We also weren't looking for any park time / rides. We just wanted relaxation and about a million fruity cocktails.

7. Do you recommend spending only a few nights at Aulani and the rest somewhere else? Why?

For us - splitting our ten days between two resorts was really nice! It changed things up...even though we only moved about 200 yards to a different lagoon. Aulani was WONDERFUL for the girls. They have special touches all over the resort and everyone goes above and beyond to make you feel truly special. Not only that, but you can give your kids a certain amount of autonomy because they have these wristband trackers on...totally brilliant. I mean...we weren't about to let them run all over the resort, but it definitely gave us a tiny bit of peace of mind.

To summarize - Some families can and do spend their entire vacation at the resort. I think it depends on your level of commitment to the Disney brand and your #vacationgoals.

8. How much did it cost?

Okay! Yes! So, when you're looking at the site there's a section called Rooms & Offers. I booked based on the information there, so we ended up getting 30% off of our package.

When we planned this vacation we had a budget in mind and kept it at that. We didn't come home with any souvenirs. We didn't buy any clothes. And I cooked most of our meals. We probably saved a lot just by doing those three things...and I have zero regrets. I girls need zero more knick-knacks (that they are going to lose) and zero more items of clothing.

9. Plane ride tips! How long was the flight?

Tips and tricks for the kids. I don't think there is a magic bullet for this one, but I do know one thing about kids - They love unwrapping things. love. It's how they can watch videos of people opening toys on YouTubeKids. Riiiiight?! So, my answer is surprise toys. I know you didn't want to hear it, but I said it.

I bought the girls two surprise toys each. One was an LOL and the other was some squishy thing I found at target. Both were huge hits and between those, markers + new coloring book (I buy the big package of markers and pick five for each girl to keep in her backpack), and shows on the iPad...Kaye and Sawyer were pretty low maintenance. Also, never underestimate the power of snacks. Pack all the snacks and then throw about 15 more snacks in a secret snack bag.

For Elli - The magic bullet was a pillow, her favorite blankie, Aladdin on an iPhone (the perfect size for her to hold), and these little Wixi Stix that come in a travel case. I bought them for Kaye and Sawyer...and they played with them on the way home, but Elli loved balling them up...and then I'd sort them out...and then she'd ball them up again. They are waxy, so they stick together. You can create shapes out of them and bend them however you want. Fun for all.

Snack List : Goldfish / Kids Kind Bars / Veggie Straws / string cheese / animal crackers / fruit snacks / crackers / fruit leathers...And if I'm feeling extra cool we bring a small bag of popcorn for each girl. You can also purchase those bags of popcorn at the airport.

For the adults : Yes...I packed extra snacks for our Farmer. And it's a good thing too, because he ate quite a few. One little extra we included in our bag was this little speaker. It was amazing! We brought it to the beach / pool. Don't worry, we were totally respectful and kept the volume quite low. But it was so nice to have some music playing. We didn't have to charge it at all while we were there and it synced up perfectly with our phones. So easy. We'll be bringing it with us on all future trips.

10. Did you guys use the babysitter besides Aunty's Beach House? 

We did not use a babysitter...Unless you count us bringing Uncle Kody along. But he was only there for the first part of the trip. When we checked into Aulani we said goodbye to Uncle Kody.

Aulani does have a babysitting service. I have no idea how it works, but I do remember reading that you have to make reservations in advance.

How was Aunty's Beach House? (talk about no pictures inside / tons of supervision / parents allowed to hang out in the morning)

Aunty's Beach House was THE BEST. It truly was...jaw-dropping. Take me back to being a kid and I would have kicked and screamed if my parents would have tried to take me away. No thanks...I'm staying with Aunty.

They have different themed rooms and a large outside patio / yard.

You can check your kids in to Aunty's Beach House at 9:30 am. When you arrive there is an entry room where you check in your kids with their wristbands. Your kids are welcomed through the locking dutch door, required to wash their hands, and then are free to participate in anything and everything.  There is an arts and crafts room / game room / dress up room / tech room / and then there are various spots around the house where kids can color, make leis, watch a movie or go outside and play. The outside area is completely enclosed by a tall fence with a big kids play structure as well as a toddler play structure.

However...From 8 am until 9:30 am you can / have to join your kid(s) at Aunty's. This is the only time you can take pictures inside Aunty's. I forgot once when we were picking the girls up and I was kindly asked to put my phone away. You guys - the supervision is spot on. You will be beyond impressed.

During the 8 - 9:30 am time there is usually some sort of lead dance party where characters show up. The girls had a did Elli. Speaking of, this was the only time Elli could play at Aunty's. She's too young! Three years old is the minimum age. Okay...moving on from Aunty's...

11. Condo details!

Big request for condo details! We stayed at the Beach Villas at Ko'Olina. This is right on one of four lagoons and's just beyond stunning.

This is the specific condo we stayed at. You guys - It was just so beautiful and comfortable and the view of the ocean from the lanai! Yes...I'll take one of those every day. But, there are quite a few to choose from with more or less bedrooms, so you can pick the one that fits your family.

Our condo was great for us because it had everything we could have needed : high chair, pack 'n play, beach toys, chairs, beach towels, boogie boards, washer / dryer, beautiful kitchen, comfortable beds...a blender for my beloved cocktails. All the things. Not one complains...especially because it was so kid-friendly.

12. Do I want to go back for an adults-only trip?

Would I go back? I'd go back tomorrow. Or today. How fast can I pack?

But truly - I'd go back on an adults trip. I'd go back with for a family vacation. I'd go back on a girls trip. I'd go back. Yes.

We met several families that said they come back to the Ko'Olina Beach Villas every year. It's just what they do. Everything is so convenient. It's 100% completely relaxing. It's easy access to the airport (25 minute car) and Costco / Target are minutes away. Not walkable, but like a 10 minute drive.

Okay! Does that wrap things up?! Again, if you have any questions about anything, don't hesitate to send an e-mail!

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Heads up! While all opinions are my own, I have included affiliate links within this post. This doesn't mean you pay a penny more for clicking the link, it simply means I receive a small commission. If you have any questions about this, please don't hesitate to ask! Thank you!