Introductions can really be so awkward...but let me try my best.

My name is Karli and I'm here accidentally. It all happened when I met and married this farmer and moved to the middle of nowhere...on a farm. I needed company so we had three girls. (Every farmer needs daughters, right?!)

Now that our girls are hitting the ages of, "Where are we going today?" I finally a work from home mom I can either treat each day as a job or I can approach our days as a permanent vacation. I'm choosing the latter. 

Karli : 34 / mom of three girls / blogger / brand designer / runner / closet nutella connoisseur / partaker of hoppy IPA's

The Farmer : 35 / father of three girls / farmer / enjoys : kayaking, biking, and avoiding committal questions from Karli

Kaye : 6 / oldest daughter / extremely outgoing / meets a new best friend wherever she goes / enjoys competition, creating art, and animals

Sawyer : 4 / holds the middle child position / independent / always up for a good time / enjoys cooking with mom, swimming, and wearing dresses / always game for a photoshoot

Elliot : 1 / answers to Elli / knows how to wave "hi" and "bye" / patient with her older sisters / enjoys splashing in water / hasn't met a food she doesn't like