yeah. this is happening...and it's confessional edition, because it's always fun to throw myself under the proverbial bus. 

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i've been known to shamelessly purchase an article of clothing. wear it. and return it. not only that, but now i'm passing this totally dishonest trait down to my daughter. not that she knows what i'm doing, but for example...

i bought some dresses for our little photo sesh last week and had every intention of changing her into the clothing for the pictures (tags on) and then returning them...pending no signs of wear. but we all know how that turned out. she rolled in the dirt and we certainly weren't going to squeeze in an outfit change with her attitude that no dishonesty...that day, but the intention was there. 
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i've proved it time and time and time again. i am a server's worst nightmare. more often than not i have to send my food back because they've either put the dressing on the salad or they brought the wrong side or some specification i made regarding the toppings was incorrect.

i also get really miffed when there are clearly wonderful tables available and they shove me in the back next to the kitchen or bathroom. huh? this makes no sense. i always ask to be seated at the better table.

don't worry...i'm under no illusion that it's clearly a problem with me...but it basically makes me a nightmare to take in public. but can someone validate this for me? i mean...if i'm a paying customer just don't put dressing on the salad...and don't seat me next to the men's room.
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you're reading that right. my roommate my freshman year of college decided to take up stripping halfway through our inaugural year. she called herself venus

yes, venus practiced dance moves in our room.
yes, some of my classmates and i went to the strip club to watch venus in action.
yes, i may have run into one of my high school teachers there.
yes, i still intend on blogging that full story...eventually.
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please don't judge me...but the amount of television i log in a week is exceedingly embarrassing. i's upwards of 20+ hours. but i have excuses...

#1. i'm typically multitasking.
#2. i'm pregnant.
#3. that's all i got.

several times my farmer has suggested that we ditch direct tv/tv altogether. i nearly slapped his mouth. those are like curse words. 

someone tell me i'm not the only one with a television problem?

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