PINNING! (said like charlie sheen says, "WINNING!" ya'll know what i'm talking about, right? winning?)

confession: i'm a bad pinner. but what i do love? finding all the other most excellent pins. as i scroll through the pages of pins, i enthusiastically nod my head and think over and over, "great idea!" and "what a no-brainer!" and "it's so simple!"

confession: i haven't actually tried any of the pins i've found. i need a 25th and 26th hour in the day. but now that i'm sleeping 12 hours a day those 25th and 26th hours wouldn't really help anything. moving on.

raise your hand if you are self-diagnosed with a minor (or major) case of OCD. i have two hands raised. it makes it hard to type.

in honor of OCD (severe and minor), i pin thee:

i bet all your wrapping paper is put away, but doesn't it make you cringe when you see it looking like this? it sends me right into anxious sweating.

it drives me positively nutty. however, to keep it all nice and perfect, all you have to do is this:

adorable paper.

so simple! i would probably put one on each end to protect the paper from becoming frayed. right?

now quick - go unroll a roll of TP so you can cut some TP cardboard.

this was pinned by my dear, sweet cathie. thanks lady! but the idea was snagged from this website: