feast your eyes ladies and gents. miss kaye had a little photo sesh before christmas by the talented husband/wife team from two bird studio.

you may remember this little shoot they did for us?

i do believe i was about 32 weeks in these here shots.

but now look. that little unknown bebe is now my little miss kaye.

and let me tell you, she's a natural in front of the lens. well, not really. elizabeth and jason are just that good at capturing her perfection.

perfection, yes? i'm putting together her modeling portfolio tomorrow.

she wore this dress exactly one time.

she's worn these jeans lots, though! the girl looks good in denim.

see...she's perfect. at this point we were supposed to be taking these super sweet mommy/kaye pics. that was kaye's cue to get super fussy and wiggly.

towards the end she was relaxing in her farmer's arms and just decided to have a little snooze-fest. don't worry bebe. i've fallen asleep in those same arms many times. they are magic.

thank you AGAIN from the bottom of my heart to eb and jason. you two rock our socks! (and a cuddle cuddle to mr. bridger, their new baby boy. just have a looky at this pure sweetness...
and folks...she did it sans drugs. shout out.