farmer and kaye visited the big city yesterday. girlfriend had her two year appointment and i stayed on the farm with sawyer.

luckily, kaye didn't have to get shots yesterday. farmer can't stand the idea of someone hurting his little girl...he thought he might have to punch the doctor. but no shots = no assault and battery charges. we dodged that bullet. 

but we did learn her stats - 82% for weight and 94% for height. the doctor informed us we basically have a three year old. 

with as solid as she is...farmer and i have high hopes for this ski season. girlfriend is going to be like a little bullet down the mountain. i'm dying to see her on skis with a little helmet and goggles. 

meanwhile, back on the farm...

sawyer and i managed a little photo sesh. she's faaaar more agreeable than her sister when it comes to pictures.
also, i think we have an unofficial nickname for sawyer.

i call her muffin 99% of the time. our little muffin. sweet muffin. muffy-muffs.

i still can't believe what a little muffin she really is. except for when she sleeps with one eye open...that's concerning and quite creepy.
come to think of it, kaye was cross-eyed for the first few months of her life, so if sleeping with one eye open is sawyer's thing, we'll deal.

in the meantime, i can't help but take pictures of all her muffin-ness. she's so warm. she's so squishy. she smells so good. she's positively edible. see? a total muffin!
and don't get me started on those toes...

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