photo circa feb. 2008 in my sister's boston apartment
guess where i am? back in front of the tv...logging my ??? hour. harry potter is on thank you very much. judge me if you must.

so, i thought i would take this opportunity to update you on my goals from last sunday and maybe even set some new ones! (unenthusiastic *yay*)

  1. WIN - I GOT DRESSED EVERY DAY THIS WEEK! i really really did. granted, the outfits weren't anything to brag about, but the point is i put on pants. victory.
  2. fail - this didn't happen. i didn't cook three nights this week. i only cooked...kind night this week. and i cooked for me. not farmer. and my dinner was grilled chicken and broccoli. shameful. saturday morning i ate p-corn for breakfast. another fail.
  3. WIN - i really really did run four times this week! yessssss. i ran on tuesday, thursday, friday and saturday. i also ran today, but that's a new week. 
  4. fail - i took pictures but not great ones and i'm not even going to post them. basically all that happened was the insulation was blown into the ceiling and exterior walls. woo.
let's set new goals.
  1. i'm going to run every single day this week for at least 30 minutes. it's a little thing i'm doing. 30 minutes (at least) for 30 days in a row. that's every day in december except for new years eve. 
  2. finish all christmas shopping without getting sidetracked and buying something for myself.
  3. cook one real dinner this week that my farmer can enjoy. take a picture to prove i did it.
  4. watch less tv. (i already know this one is a fail)
what are your goals?

wish me luck.