i've been thinking, considering, stewing over what i want my resolutions to be this year. i have a few ideas, some better than others, that's for sure. but when i really got down to it, what are resolutions?


  1. A firm decision to do or not to do something.

at least this is what google says. sounds to me like the word resolution is just a fancy way to say, "i'm going to set a goal," no matter how complex or simple. so then you have all these people declaring their resolutions on 01.01 each year. and there is a really solid chance those resolutions will eventually have a one-way ticket to the back-burner. so rather than all the pressure of the 01.01 resolutions, let's call it what it is: goal-setting.
the way i see it, i was kind of doing resolutions weekly anyway, right?  
here are my goals:
  1. make healthy meals for dinner. i'm really REALLY going to do this. maybe it will be easier in my new kitchen! i ache for that kitchen...and the dishwasher...and a microwave. did you know we don't have a dishwasher or microwave?
  2. eat out less. i was thinking about how much my farmer and i eat out. it's a lot. an embarrassing amount. last week we ate at smoky mountain, goodwood, a local eatery, wendy's and burger king. i feel sick just thinking about this.
  3. read more which will directly affect the amount of television i watch. so...watch less t.v. some books on my reading list, you ask? 
    1. Back to Work by Bill Clinton
    2. Bossy Pants by Tina Fey
    3. Some books by Chelsea Handler because she's real REAL funny. 
  4. farmer resolves to gain 18 pounds and run a 30-miler for his 30th birthday in september. (sounds like any oxymoron to me.)
  5. together we resolve to learn spanish by next winter. 
that's it. best of luck to you all as you man-handle your resolutions. show them who's bossy pants.