oh hey, friday! you're back. and i'm tired. i totally wish that friday meant what it used to mean.

know what i mean?

(think staying up late. sleeping in. curing a hangover with some delicious biscuits and gravy. those were the days. those were also the days i was 25 pounds heavier. yikes.)

anyway...i do believe you all know the drill:

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3. have a fantastic friday.


1 | as mentioned above...weekends. i remember weekends. i remember when it was okay to start your saturday at 10 am or later because you're too busy drinking coffee, browsing the internet, and watching a saturday morning movie all at the same time. those were the days.

2 | i remember when i could wear tight shirts because my tas weren't different sizes and i could actually suck my belly in. but seriously...nursing has done a number on the girls and no amount of sit-ups is going to fix this gut in the foreseeable future. both fixable, though. both fixable.

3 | my work attire. not only do i miss working, but i miss wearing nice clothes each day. granted, i could totally put on jeans and a cute top...but that would also mean my cute tops would have permanent food stains and spit up. and those jeans? those jeans are not conducive to wrestling around on the floor and giving horsey rides all day, err day. alas, i spent a gift card i got for christmas at lululemon today...on yet another pair of yoga pants and a comfy sweater. my farmer is thrilled. no he's not.

4 | ooo...i totally miss eating cereal for dinner. or wheat thins and cream cheese. or a piece of toast. or...or...going to a restaurant and not having it be a huge production. basically i miss not having to cook. i mean...i like cooking more now than i ever did before, but it's still not my favorite thing, especially when i think i've really nailed a meal and kaye still doesn't like it.

5 | but having my girls...it's truly the best. kaye makes me laugh every single day. she's absolutely to die for...even if she does take us all on her emotional roller coaster daily. and bitty? that girl owns my heart. she's the sweetest. she's the easiest. she's our itty bitty muffin magic.

okay...get your link-up on!