has anyone ever tried a microdermabrasian at the dermatologist or a spa? i haven't. i'm pretty cheap. and when i say cheap i mean cheap. or we could say frugal. thrifty. penny-pincher? for example:

two days ago i was noticing just how rotten my hair was looking. it needs a color touch-up as well as a trim. split-ends are taking over my head. well, why would i pay for someone to cut my hair when i have perfectly capable hands and kitchen shears? and so, i trimmed my hair right on up. i have no clue what the back looks like and there are probably some jagged edges, but i'm content. however, last time i did this, one of my favorite gals (amanda b.) who has made my hair more than it should ever be for over nine years now, made endless fun of me. she was cutting my hair, stopped suddenly, "karli, did you cut your hair again?" she proceeded to point out the inch and a half difference all the way around my head. she laughed, but i saved $20.

ps. amanda...i need to come see you asap to get things the same color and evened up before you become a nurse and leave me forever.

i'm cheap. but then i ran across this pin of the week (thanks liz!) and i have to say i'm intrigued. i would NEVER pay for someone to give me a microdermabrasian, but i just may be  crazy enough to do it to myself!

what is a microdermabrasian?

in my own words: the technician takes a machine and shoots a diamond-tip something or other and it exfoliates the shiza out of your skin. it's supposed to soften fine lines and wrinkles, smooth the skin, decrease pore size, and decrease the appearance of scarring and age spots. sounds good, right? i need all of those things and i'm only 28.

basically if you pay them between $100 - $150 (but i bet it can be way WAY more) you'll look like this:

look at the glow! i want to look like her. i want my skin to look glowy and dewy and like perfection.

so wudduya say? shall we? let's get our microdermabrasian on. sure. if ya'll could try this and let me know how it goes (did your face fall off? did you break out? do you look like perfection?), that would be fab.