a bruneau sunset - too legit to quit.
weird. farmer was right on. i didn't quite hit some of my goals this week. damn. any guesses on how many crunches i actually did?

1,650. that's just 3,350 short of my goal. i came real real real close-like, eh? shall we call this one a fail? probably. the kicker? it wasn't even that hard to get 1,650. there are dozens of times throughout the day that i could bust out 200 crunches. just drop to the floor and crunch it out. (i have that phrase trademarked. don't try and steal it.) i mean, i could crunch it out right now. but that would defeat my goal of doing 100% nothing today. so far, i've been incredibly successful.

stretching. well, i did stretch. once. that's because i ran one time this week. sick. i guess i definitely have something to shoot for this coming week, and it won't be hard to beat. we'll call this one a WIN. stretching is stretching and my hip doesn't hurt.

my poor farmer. i didn't plan our valentine's day treat. i just really didn't have a lot of opportunity. we were kind of on the go constantly last week and i'm exhausted. hence - not doing one single productive thing today. my favorite chair has a permanent karli shape. the fabric is threadbare from overuse. let's face it. i didn't put pants on today. it's sunday fun day! no pants required.

on that highlight...my new goals:

  1. oh, i bet you thought i wasn't going to try to do the 5,000 crunches again. you were right. i'm going to shoot for 3,000. baby steps.
  2. since my running this past week was abysmal, i'm going to shoot for 20 miles this week. i've totally got this.
  3. find a glorious chandelier to go over our stairs - people...i need your help. i'm open to all suggestions. but i'm probably more interested in something simple. no crystal-ish, sparkly bizz-nass. i'm more looking for a style that is off the cuff. non-traditional. does anyone know of any fantastic lighting websites? please oh please shoot me your suggestions. i've reached desperation. oh, and if you could also tell me the largest amount you would spend on a chandelier, that would be great. farmer and i are having a bit of a budget disagreement. if you would be so kind as to leave a comment or shoot me an e-mail, that would be fab. karlib83@gmail.com 
okay people. attack the week.