people...things are happening. we had a mini house-hiatus when we decided to go to mccall and denver, but we are back. we worked our fannies off this weekend on our kitchen cabinets. and by "we" i mean my farmer. i helped a pinch.

people...they. are. glorious. i. love. them.

we had two cabinets hung and i said to my farmer, "in these two cabinets we already have more storage than we do in the single-wide." i guess that means no more storing our canned goods on the floor in the corner of our kitchen. (we're classy like that.)

i wonder if you're asking, "why don't they just have less of a stockpile of canned goods?" well people, when you live 45 minutes away from anything that mildly resembles a market, you have to shop at costco.

you may also be asking, "i thought she didn't cook?" this is mildly accurate...but a girl still needs to have food stuffs in the "pantry" (on the floor). i'm not a heathen.

anyway, is what our house is lookin' like to date!