i love getting to know bloggers better. if i'm reading about these people practically on the daily…i want some secrets. some dets. the goods. i want to know that these bloggers have real issues…just like me. you're crazy. i'm crazy. let's be friends.

1 | i have two moles on my face and both of them grow individual hairs that i pluck. it's the most disgusting thing.

2 | i have a degree in psychology with a minor in education. had i actually started teaching i wouldn't be ashamed to share that with you. but i never did teach. i dabbled in large-scale event production and project management. both were much more suited to my personality. which brings me to…

3 | i lack patience with children…and people in general. i'm working on it.

4 | i curse. i have an absolutely fowl mouth. another thing i'm working on. cursing really isn't that attractive.

5 | nothing irritates me more than when i have to go to the bathroom mid-run. am i the only person this happens to?

6 | i try to wake up at 5:30 am most mornings. no, not to work out. to sit quietly and drink coffee all alone. two and a half hours later when my gal decides to wake up, i'm pretty excited to see her after all the "alone time."

7 | yesterday i actually considered spending nearly $200 on a pair of sandals. after a quick e-mail to my sister…she put me in my place.

8 | yesterday as i was changing my turtle she ripped the dirty diaper out from underneath her and the contents landed on her chest. i darn near puked all over her.

9 | in college my freshman year, my roommate decided to be a stripper. she called herself venus…and might still to this day. i'll have to check. (this has solid potential to be an entire post in itself.)

10 | tomorrow i'm doing something really really exciting that i've had to keep secret from most people. i'm kind of bursting, but i'll clue you guys in soon once i have more details.

spill it - do you have a confession(s) you want to share? this can include, but is not limited to //

  • mommy fails
  • waxing disasters
  • bar blunders
  • wedding day nightmares
  • or just a list of random facts…like how your roommate in college was a stripper.
(i also had a roommate in college that went #2 on the hood of someone's car. where did i find these people?)

i digress…i want to share your awesome stories with my awesome readers. shoot me an e-mail with your idea or your express interest in participating in this trial series and we'll get you scheduled!