we'll have five of these kids in just two weeks!

talk about lame. i certainly haven't kept up my end of the deal on the goal-front. pa-the-tic. pathetic. but i have perfectly good explanations:

excuse #1 - we are INCHES away from moving into your house. our original goal was thanksgiving. that got bumped to christmas. which was quickly revised to valentine's day? and adjusted to, "when it happens, it happens." so when farmer's mom said to not pick a move-in date or i'll "just be disappointed," she was right. the lady knows a thing or two...or three.

excuse #2 - during the winter months, there are some really fantastic tv shows. and what with having a dvr and a warm trailer to hide inside...why set goals? i mean, should i cook my farmer a warm meal or watch dance moms? dance moms...every time. unless i'm hungry too.

excuse #3 - i needed a break. what it comes down to is those last few weeks that i was setting goals, i wasn't actually following through. and that doesn't make anyone feel good. no. so i took a little breaky break.

it's time to pick up my end of the deal:

1. i'm going to finish painting ALL THE TRIM for the rest of the upstairs tomorrow. i'll also do some touch-ups and put the second coat on the doors.

2. take pictures of our house as it stands right now. we're getting ready to put the "make-up" on our home sweet home so there are going to be some serious changes over the next few weeks. i couldn't be happier.

3. have a super healthy trip to denver where i'll be visiting SISSA KELLI!!!! we have all sorts of fun planned which includes: trail running at red rocks, hunger games, my first professional massage, deep dish pizza at her local, and also a very VERY exciting surprise that i CAN'T WAIT to tell y'all about.

have a super week. attack.