and 3 am and 4 am and all the way through to 1:00 pm. my farmer had his work day in by 9 am this morning. but people...when it comes to farming you don't work an eight hour day. you work until you fall down...dead-like.

you work past the point of "i'm so hungry i'm not hungry anymore."
you work past the point of "i'm so tired i feel sick."

you just work. and that's what my farmer does. and i love him. i love him so much for it. i've literally never seen or heard of anyone working harder.

so far this week my farmer was up most of sunday night waiting for the wind to die down so he could bale up our first cutting of alfalfa. the wind finally subsided at around 6am...

monday my farmer was up all night again...baling. and then continued to work on additional farm responsibilities until he was finally able to catch a cat nap at 8pm. then back up and at 'em at 1 am. baling away.

let's keep in mind that it's not just my farmer running this program. it's farmer's farmer-dad as well as some extremely loyal employees. farming is hard work. but if it's done's quite the life.

so when i emerged from my office at 1 pm today to find my farmer like this...

i couldn't help my heart from aching. my farmer was up all night underneath a baler...trying to fix it. he fell asleep before i got any nitty-gritty details.

but the frustration i feel for my farmer when equipment (especially brand new equipment that cost $80,000) breaks...well, it just ticks me right off. i get all mama bear and want to yell and scream and kick at the baler. doesn't that baler know that it's supposed to make my farmer's life easier? not a living hell.

so y'all...let's give a shout out to farmers. they work real REAL hard underneath farm equipment at 3 am laying on their backs in the middle of a field while spiders and bugs crawl all over them. meanwhile, we're cuddled up in our blankets sleeping away.

farmer - i love you. now get back to work. xoxoxoxoxox