super-fog on our way to winter park resort
that's right you gorgeous people...i'm with my sister while my farmer is on a seven day rafting trip down the middle fork of the salmon river. (this river is no joke. 100 miles of pristine wilderness, zero traffic/roads,lots of scampering animals...did i mention the rockin' whitewater??? i wish i was with him. ***le sigh***)

pardon the photo memories from our last middle fork trip...

so as i sit here watching a movie with sister belli and eat far too many pretzel M&M's (i'm on vacation!! give the pregnant girl a break!) well...i think now is a great time to set some goals for the coming week.

1. i'm going to do a form of cardio every single day for at least 45 minutes. not only is it a great opportunity to tune out and "catch up" with yourself, but i've been spending way too much time in the house. like whoa. it's so so so easy to forget there is an outside world when you live on a farm in the middle of...i don't know where. where do we live??

2. me thinks it's time to get focused on some hot mom arms. i mean...i've heard that here in about 14.5 weeks I'll be holding a lot. so it's time to condition these old gals. i bought some kettle bells a few days (months) ago and they are itching to be dominated. in addition to the arm focus i need to get focused on the booty. nobody likes sag-a**. i'm very susceptible to sag-a** because my booty is quite bubbly. without the right attention the bubbliness could go right into sagville. nobody wants that...especially my farmer.

3. the third and final goal for the week will be house related. something i keep looking at and then continue to put off. out of sight out of mind...right? the shower needs the grout scrubbed. when my farmer tiled our shower he was a little overzealous with the grout. it kind of got...everywhere. so i'll give the walls a little scrub-down and the do some touch-up painting. it's been driving me loco for a few months now. it's time to take care of bizz.