talk about a teaser.

just kidding. i didn't have a bebe.

i'm nine days past the ol' due date. that's a niner folks.

le bebe is probably never going to make an appearance. well...maybe around christmas-time at this pace. right? right.

i recently learned how to use the hash tag according to twitter and instagram.

so we'll call this blog post: #pregnantgalproblems

it's officially a "problem" in my book.

as you approach the end of your pregnancy, you'll have people telling you to "relax" and "put your feet up."

i've decided to take the opposite approach. i really just want to do anything and everything that will pass the time...quickly.

i attempted to make cakepops for my friend's harvest party. i failed...again. out of about 40...only 20 kind of turned out:

these certainly aren't the prettiest. however, they are FAR better than my first attempt. you may recall the cakepop disaster of christmas 2011? click here to have a looky-lou.

i also made four batches of chili for this same harvest party. it's safe to say the chili is MUCH better than the cakepops.

but have a look at last year's harvest party. you can view it here and here.

the harvest party is tonight. i have high expectations.

i originally thought i'd be bringing a bebe to this year's harvest party event...instead i'll be shoving chili and cakepops in my face. moving on...

i would never say that 41+ weeks pregnant is "comfortable" or "enjoyable" or a "highlight" of the past year.

it's reached a comical state, though. sometimes i just look at my cartoon-shaped belly and laugh. i'm quickly jerked back to reality when le bebe adjusts position and i receive a lightening sharp pain on either side of my lower spine.

two words: super awesome.

guess what else? i'm so SO tired of hearing myself complain. and i can only imagine how tired my farmer is of hearing the same words come out of my mouth.

he's a saint, people. he just keeps asking what he can do to help.

he rubs my feet. he rubs my back. he even threw together a chicken dinner as i dictated from the couch the recipe i found on pinterest. bless him.

chicken dinner made in joint effort by farmer and me

in between trips to le big city, complaining, and half-hearted attempts at cakepops, i put some more touches on bebe's room:

the crib wall leaves much to be desired. i figure i'll jazz that up with le bebe's name...once we know what we're having.

we're also waiting on a chair to be delivered to go on the striped wall. a chair to be used for bebe cuddling.

i'll wrap this 41st week post up with a pathetic picture taken by my farmer.

here i am strapped up to some monitors for a non-stress test. it monitors bebe's heart rate and my contractions.

but don't worry...i'm not having contractions. that was easily confirmed.

killer flower, yes?