oh...hello there. miss me much? i'm sure.

don't even worry about it - i've been up to my elbows in some pretty nasty-pants diapers. and when i'm not covered in that i'm brushing my teeth, squeezing in a run on the treadmill (since it's 0 degrees outside) or walking in a 10 foot circle trying to get miss kaye to take a nap.

for the love of god...take a nap. you're 2.5 months old. aren't you sleepy?

she's not sleepy.

i wanted to steal the next few kaye-free moments to list a few reasons why i'm mom of the year. (please roll your eyes and hear the sarcasm.)

1. sitting her in her car seat so she can watch me run on the treadmill. hey...if she won't nap, she'll have to watch.  but seriously, she didn't make a peep the entire workout. she just kicked her little legs and gawked at me with concern. she may have been questioning the color my face had turned (scarlet). this mom is out. of. shape. ouch.

2. taking the little miss out snowshoeing in 10 degrees. i later learned from my nightly online reads that you really shouldn't take bebes outside if it's under 20 degrees. but seriously? we had her bundled real REAL good. she was in her glorious down snowsuit secured tightly to my farmer's chest with the moby wrap and then zipped up tight inside his coat. when she emerged from within this heavenly cocoon she was a little sweaty. trust - she was the warmest of us all.

(oh hey fat-face. someone is still clearly eating for two. will someone tell me how to stop eating nutella by the spoonful? thanks.)

3. making miss miss pose in this hat while i snap her picture no less than 30 times in hopes of capturing every perfect feature on her perfect, little face.

is she NOT the absolute cutest though? i mean...let's just have a moment of honesty here. that face steals my heart. it might even be a little physically painful.

4. and my final mom of the year moment? leaving my farmer with kaye bell to play "lodge-mom" while i get in my first runs of the year. those green circles and blue squares will NEVER  be the same. hey...a girl has to start slow. i'll be falling and sweating in the powder before the season is out.

farmer calls this my broken neck pose...

side note - for all you idaho folk...

the snowshoeing and skiing is happening at soldier mountain ski area. please note the bluebird skies. it is absolutely stunning there. the lift lines are short. the tickets are cheap. the snow is plentiful. and you can certainly find terrain for all skier abilities.

did i mention they have live music every other weekend?

shout out for soldier.