oh dear. bad news folks. i only hit one goal this week.

and that was the pushups.

and that's only because i did 75 girl-style in one day to make up for two days of not doing them. ridic.

however...i do feel pretty decent about my attempts on the others.

1. popcorn - okay. let me give you some background on my little "popcorn problem." i've had this little love affair with popcorn for years now. it all started when my sister would make the world's very very best popcorn. it was with crisco. on the stove. lightly salted. and she's pretty particular about the kernels. many people don't realize they come in white and yellow. well, kelli will only use white.

anyway, this popcorn on the stove with crisco is like...i don't know what. it's absolutely delish. but let's face it. i don't know many people that can afford to eat crisco every night...know what i'm sayin'?

so i adjusted her recipe and use a couple of tablespoons of olive oil, throw in the kernels, and voila! you have yourself some popcorn.

as of late...this popcorn popping has become a nightly ritual. finish dinner, do dishes, baby to bed, pop popcorn, devour popcorn, think about making more popcorn. seriously. it's worse than nutella.

i made it two nights without making my beloved this week. it was wednesday and the premier of duck dynasty was coming on. it was a special occasion...right? so farmer and i enjoyed our popcorn.

but for realzies - i didn't have popcorn the rest of the week and coincidentally lost two pounds.

right on.

2. i ran 14 miles this past week in three runs. so i came up one mile short. meh. not going to think twice about it.

3. well...as stated above, i totally made my pushup goal but came up with a giant fail on my crunches. however...it was still kind of a win. (i'm having a glass half full kind of night.)

for not having done any crunches since before i was pregnant, you know...18 months ago...i'd say 500 crunches this week wasn't so bad.

on another note...i can't get enough of this little gal.

those cheeks...