let's start things off with a shout-out to my amazing amigas and my sister.

they planned a little 30th birthday par-tay for me all me and it was oh so fun.

it included five of my most favorite things:

1. costumes. anything that involves a theme is the best.

2. a baby free night. yes please! i'll take one over here, thank you!

3. booze? yes please! i'll take one (or five) over here, thank you!

4. wonderful friends, farmer, and sister.

5. cake.

sweet glorious cake.

let's take a moment for cake.

if anyone in the boise area is in need of a daaaahling cake...i know a gal. shoot me an e-mail.

it was a night of pub golf in the big city and we capped it off with dancing like we were 21, 25 and 28 again at the bars.

okay okay...the dancing has really never gone away...we just don't get to the bars ever in our elderly age.

forgive me now...i'll let the pictures do the talking.

that sign i'm holding up there? you better believe that's a laminated picture of me from the last time we played pub golf. seriously...these ladies thought of everything.

i arrived at hole #1 (bar #1) to giant signs saying "happy birthday" with other pictures of me on them. if i wasn't so excited about them...i could have been embarrassed. but i wasn't. i loved it.

and what's a birthday celebration without posing for a LOT of pictures?

can you believe each of these people were born in september?

in order: september 18th, 22nd, 18th, 14th, and 15th.

my sister's husband and my farmer were born a few years and one day apart.

and apparently they both share an affinity for pictures. or not at all.

there was even a box of personalized golf tees. but there were so many we started giving them away to fellow patrons.

and then i'm not sure what happened. we were bunnies? bunnies with braces?

as we rounded out the evening a winner was crowned...errrr sashed...

and a tear or two was shed.

and we jumped.

we jumped like it was our job.

and i know what you're thinking...killer jumps, right?

the girl on the left was a cheerleader. i was not.

my sister on the right? she couldn't get her timing right so she jumped off the planter.

it was a birthday for the books...i'll do it again in 10 years.

the recovery is just too painful.