hi friends…or people who randomly stumbled on zee blog.

get ready for some cold, hard self-promotion to round out 2013.

i'll pose the question again…do you follow farmer & the bell?

(if you don't…i greedily think you should. so you should.)

do you at least read farmer & the bell on a semi-regular basis?

well, should you want to, there are several ways you can make this easier on yourself.

1 // follow via bloglovin'. this is beneficial if you enjoy reading several different blogs. you just create your little account and they'll e-mail you the most current blog posts from that day. simple.

2 // follow via google friend connect…aka - GFC.

3 // you can always do the google+ thing.

4 // have my posts e-mailed directly to you.

5 // like my facebook page. that's easy enough.

click the sidebar link at the top:

or, let me make it super simple, visit my facebook page HERE.

and you know what…if you're feeling extra crazy…do all five. why not?

happy 2014. stay classy and safe as your partake in one too many champagne beverages.