it's a party board kind of day.

this board isn't just any board. it's a special board created specifically for two special boys. 

well…one is a man, but definitely a boy at heart. kind of like a man-boy.

which now that i think of it…perfectly describes my farmer as well. 

what's with farmers, anyway?

these two special fellas belong to amy over at the farmer's wife

they both have february birthdays…and by request of the younger farmer…he'd like a tractor cake. which makes it year #2 for this theme. 

(you can see last year's party here.)

the cutest, right? that amy…she knows how to put together a celebration.

anyway…i took it upon myself to whip up an inspiration board with a farm twist. i mean…it's about time, right?

mood // playful, fresh, moo

colors // green, red, yellow

row 1: tractor // cows // milk // veggie basket
row 2: pinwheels
row 4: flowers // corn // izze // sack race

honestly, this board turned out WAY more summery/warm-weathery than i had intended. you know…since their birthdays are in february…in idaho. 

i guess i could have put this picture in there…


winter farming at it's finest.

it just didn't quite fit.

i hope amy's boys have the very best birthdays. they definitely deserve it.

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