i'm letting you in on a little secret here today.

i'm a blogging addict. 

and yes. i am ashamed. 

my farmer requests on the daily that i stop talking about blogging. 

as a matter of fact, he said that if i didn't double my readership in a year, i should probably stop blogging altogether. sounds harsh…but he's onto something. 

want to know another secret?

he's thrilled when he sees his mug on farmer & the bell. he craves attention more than i do.

to the point - because i'm a blogging addict i've found some pretty rockstar blogs and that's what i'm sharing today. 


here is what this blogger has to say about her blog - a subtle revelry is a lifestyle craft & foodie blog with simple ideas for merrymaking the everyday, because every day deserves a party. 


love it.

she blogs all about food and recipes and takes the most beautiful food photos. she also eats dessert for breakfast and breakfast for dinner…and i think i'll start doing the same. and gain 48 pounds.


love to hate her. hate to love her. want to look like her. and will someone please reassure me that ALL of her photos are photoshopped? mostly i want her hair. ps. she wears clip-ins.


i've been following girlfriend for a bit now. like…before she had her food network show. i have her cookbook and i even had her sign it. we're practically besties. let's face it…for awhile i was practically obsessed. i've since tamed that obsession. stopped leaving creepy comments. but i still thoroughly enjoy her posts and recipes. she just makes ya happy.

source (photo by shane bevel)

of course i have to give a shout out to this month's sponsor, jessica! not only does jessica write all about her sweet family on the journey of autumn, but she also has a cake/dessert decorating blog called jem cakes! girlfriend has talent. 

also, please note that she's started a new etsy shop called bunny autumn which features the most darling  knits and crochet goods. she'll be having a little giveaway on this here blog next week to help promote her new shop. the prize has yet to be decided, but she's thinking a heart garland just in time for v-day. cute cute.
check it out for all your v-day goodie needs!

as usual…linking on up!