did you know that i contain exactly 0 ounces of style? zero.

this trickles into all aspects of life.




blog design. blog design? yes…blog design.

however, i did know that i was ready to change it up.

i mean…i spend enough time on this blog obsessively checking my daily page views that i wanted something fresh and new.

so fresh and so clean clean. (outkast anyone? anyone?)

change it up i did. well, i didn't. but the kinch life designs did.

i'm pretty positive i'm the only person jazzed for this, but i wanted all y'all to have a heads up when you visit farmer & the bell the next time.

we've got a new color scheme…and a new name.

sneaky peaky

i can't show too much. i'm a lady.

oh my gosh…and you guys should also check out some glorious valentine printables from one of the blog's sponsors this month - jane heinrichs.

aren't they the sweetest?

the sweetest.