i don't know what has turned me into a sugar monster, but it's a problem.

you know what's not a problem?

double chocolate chip cookies with cherry frosting smothered all over them complete with sprinkles.

it makes me want to crawl right in-between those two cookies and eat my way out.

yeah i just said that. no shame in my game.

i started things off with martha stewarts outrageous chocolate cookie recipe.

the only thing i smudged in this recipe was i left the chocolate chips out of the first half of the cookies i baked. i was pretty positive this would work better for frosting them and i was right.

however…it was a mistake. i repeat…it was a mistake. why leave chocolate out of anything? insanity.

because of all the melted chocolate in the recipe (and the lack of chocolate chips) the cookie batter flattens quite a bit. don't be alarmed, but do space them at least two inches apart. 

also, martha's recipe calls for a heaping tablespoon. i would say a tablespoon is plenty for the non-chocolate chip version. 

i then added the chocolate chips to the second half and you can see the chips held the batter together much better. 

now your cookies are baked! take the cookie you'll use for the bottom half of the sandwich and plop down about a tablespoon of canned cherry frosting.

now, i was going to get fancy and make my own frosting with almond extract and maraschino juice…but why bother when that canned frosting was 100% jumping off the shelf into my cart? 

you're last step is to pour sprinkles on a plate and roll the edges of the pie around. 

if your sprinkles aren't sticking squeeze the cookies together to make the frosting push over the edges a bit.

now…didn't they just turn out perfectly pink and picturesque? 

excuse me…i'm going to go enjoy this tasty treat now.

tips from my kitchen

  • only bake your cookies for about eight minutes, rotating them halfway through at four. i over baked mine and they are slightly crunchy. lame.
  • this recipe yields about nine pies.
  • you'll need two cans of cherry frosting.