1 | looking forward to.
my farmer is actually going to get some "boy time" this weekend. this is oh so rare since he's a farming maniac. but today he leaves for a good friend's bachelor party. there are talks of a rafting trip, but the water is looking chilly. i wouldn't be surprised if they managed to find themselves a nice little...we'll call it an establishment...and parked it there for a few hours.

you see...at the last bachelor party my farmer attended, his very very good buddy (we'll call him ben to protect identities), was pulled up on stage and whipped with his own belt.

needless to say, i'm looking forward to the stories upon my farmer's return.

2 | lusting after.
4-way stretch speed short
so...a little over a month ago i set a goal for myself to start running 20 miles a week. i said that if i hit my goal that first week i could justify buying some new running shorts. (i have a few pair, but it's time to retire one nike pair in particular that have been around since 2003. ick.)

naturally, i've been lusting after lululemon apparel which is not cheap. well, i hit that goal and my new goodies arrived! not only that, but i've been hitting my 20 mile goal every week since and the lululemon packages keep arriving. i could certainly get used to this.

3 | what's new.
ummm...farmer and i slept in our new king-sized bed last night. it's about 80-eleven feet wide and very tall. i have to jump to get on. it's so tall we're considering taking the legs off our bed frame. this would make me so sad since i absolutely love the bed frame...but it's comical how tall it is. practically princess and the pea. but above all that...i slept like an absolute dream. i sleep great regardless, but it was even better last night. you could fit farmer, kaye, me AND a baby goat in that bed and we would never touch each other. and that's what marriage is all about, right? not touching each other in bed. glad we covered that.
ps. on a completely related note...we have baby goats on the farm.

4 | for you.
oh...you know how excited i get each month to launch the group giveaway and share some amazing sponsors with us all! well, the june giveaway is coming right up and i have four spots left. i'd absolutely love to get those filled, so if you've been considering getting in on one of these...this is it! do it. peer pressure. 30% off. code: 5FRIDAY

5 | coming up.
guys...i'm practically bursting to share all sorts of exciting stuff coming up on the blog. we've got baby showers, birthday parties, announcements, recipes, bridal showers, giveaways...gah! summer is upon us. so feel free to stick around.

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