it's no secret. i'm a pretty particular person. i get irritated relatively quickly but usually try to shrug it off with a snarky comment and a smile. it comes across bi*chy.

you should have seen me when i was pregnant.

nobody was safe.

all you had to do was ask me, "how are you feeling?" and you could count yourself off my friend-list.

super gracious. i definitely glowed.

and by glowed i mean i had a little raincloud over my head for nine months. a real treat to be around.

so i was saying…i'm pretty particular. so i thought it might be fun to bring you my five top pet-peeves (as of late).

but first i wanted to remind you of two things -
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okay…now for my 5 pet-peeves:

1. people who saunter across a crosswalk. or people who casually walk in front of your car in general…say in front of a supermarket. this ALWAYS happens to me at target. no please…walk more slowly. i wasn't going anywhere. in fact, i like to sit in an idling car.

move your ass.

2. keeping with the traffic theme…anyone who drives under the speed limit. ain't nobody got time for that.

move your ass.
3. using "your" when it should be "you're." "your" is possessive. "you're" means "you are." these are two totally different things. same goes for "their," "they're," "there."

get with the program and stop being grammatically lazy.

in the same breath…please don't judge me for my lack of capitalization or typos or grammatical errors or my overuse of the dot dot dots…which i'm sure are plenty.

4. people on sidewalks or running paths that walk two or three people wide. they see me coming the opposite direction, yet they don't stack up to make room.

no problem ladies. let me steer my forty pound jogging stroller into these bushes here so you can keep chatting. and it's always ladies. never have i had a man run me off a running path.

5. smokers in public. i get especially perplexed when it's 90+ degrees out and i see someone outside sweating their balls off…and what do they do? light up. huh? this seems like a total oxymoron to me.

mmmm…so hot outside. must put a burning stick in my face.

i don't get it, clearly. and i also don't get why my health has to be jeopardized. but above that, why KAYE'S health has to be jeopardized. she doesn't know to hold her breath when we walk by a smoker. guh. this is most definitely something that will never be solved.

but guess what…it's friday. and fridays deserve to be left on a positive note.

our sweet farm house is under attack by mice…again. i spent the better part of 30 minutes standing on the arm of my couch while my farmer declared his war. pray for us… #farmproblems

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