hey-ooooo! happy monday...almost tuesday.

i'm so excited to bring today's post since it's totally been in the works for literally months.

as in...i have a sweet friend who has been cooking a wee baby boy for darn near 40 weeks. she's at the end folks. it's her second (her first was a super-cute, super-sweet gal)...so having a second one is like old hat, right? been there done that?
at least those were my words of encouragement...but what do i know?

okay...so when my dear sweet amy asked me to assist her with this baby shower i was so excited because i had already been in touch with minted about throwing a minted inspired party!

this was the very, most perfect opportunity.

amy and i went right to the baby shower section of the minted website and started parrusing their party packages.

to say it was easy to choose one of the party packages is exactly false. they are all so dang cute. the only saving grace was that we knew shannon was/is having a boy...so that narrowed it down in our eyes.

we settled on the alford park party package and built the party based purely on it's clean, classic look with bright pops of green and tiffany blue. talk about the perfect combination to celebrate the mom-to-be without getting too girly.

i built a party inspiration board to help us along the party-planning way, and while an inspiration board will never fully capture the fun moments and memories of the completed project, they sure are easy on the eye.
row 1 | invitation // moon print // eggs
row 2 | confetti // cupcakes // cars
row 3 | celebrate // flowers // chalkboard signs

a HUGE thank you to minted for sponsoring shannon's shower. all of the alford park party package details added figurative cherries on top...all over the place.

the oooo's and ahhhhh's of the guests certainly helped as well.

be sure to check back as i give a full recap of how shannon's baby shower turned out! i'll probably be posting a few darling pictures of her new bundle (once she has him)...if i figure out a way to break into the air force base hospital.

i kid. kind of.