i know saturdays have been reserved for the confessional, but i have a gal back on the blog and i'm thrilled to share more details about her.

karissa from a fresh start on a budget is stopping in this weekend for a little q + a with September FARM...which is my favorite, because i think it's such a fun way to get a look at other bloggers.

but before we get that started, if you want to get a refresher on karissa, have a looky-lou here for the last time she stopped by September FARM.
KARLI | hey girl hey! i feel like i'm chatting with an old gal-pal since i've basically been blog-stalking you since the last time you were here! let's give others a chance to get to know you better, mmmk?

so, if i remember correctly, you met your man in high school. was it love at first sight? who asked who out? how did all that young love start?

KARISSA | my freshman year of high school one of my best friends started talking to him on AOL instant messenger. he went to our high school, but was a junior. one night when i was at her house i messaged him and gave him my phone number...he called that night and chatted me up. after that, we became friends for a long time. i had a crush but was too young and didn't really know how to pursue it. i mean, i was only 14...what did i know?! luckily, after a few months he asked me out. we dated for five years (nearly to the day) before we were married.

KARLI | awwww. i love it. i wonder what it's like to to have your future husband actively pursue you. i wouldn't know since i did ALL of the pursuing in my marriage. in fact...i still do all the pursuing. except now i'm competing against the farm instead of other biotches. will i ever win? wow...this isn't about me! back to you!

let's get serious for a second - from your stroke a few years ago, what's the biggest piece of advice or life lesson you feel you can share?

KARISSA | there is SO much i've learned from my experience. i guess the biggest lesson is that you never really know who has your back until it counts. i had people who i thought would be there for me through anything not be able to handle it and walk away...and at the same time i had people who i NEVER would have though i could depend on really step up and be there for me.
my biggest piece of advice is always have health insurance. it drives me crazy when people risk not having it because they are young and healthy. i was 25 and healthy, but THANK GOD i had insurance. my medical bills would have been over a million dollars over the course of a months hospital stay, months of recovery, and years of doctor visits, tests, and prescriptions. i would be in bankruptcy right now. don't risk it...you just never know.

KARLI | girl...isn't that the truth. my farmer and i used to be those people that risked it...for years and years. like...over 10 years. now that we have our little muffin, we thought it was time to be responsible. so far, no need for it...but like you said...you just never know.

what's your dream job?

KARISSA | i would be a talk show host. i don't know that i'd be good at it, but it seems fun.

KARLI | ack! that's a great idea! i would totally be ellen. girlfriend is hilarious and seems like she has so much fun, not to mention she's incredibly generous. i just love that lady.

do you watch the bachelor or bachelorette? i'm pretty much one of those freaks that wishes she could be on every season just to hang out, travel, drink, and puke on a helicopter ride.

KARISSA | i do watch the bachelor and bachelorette. i would have liked to have been on sean's season. he seemed super sweet, super attractive, and he cared about his family. i can't do the girl drama though. i grew up with two sisters and i don't ever talk to one anymore. if i had to live with all those dramatic women i might kill someone. it would be bad.

KARLI | gah! i would have loved the drama!! i may have even been the girl that would plant little seeds of drama and then watched the explosions from afar with my hands over my face.

side note - i don't do this in my day to day life...but with those girls and that much champagne, it could be super awesome.

double side note - i too would have chosen sean. he's a real dreamboat.

super random fact about yourself...go. 

KARISSA | i got married at this private home where they did weddings in their backyard...basically. except it was this large space with a pond and gazebo...so not really a backyard. anyway, they also had a pig and it was tradition to bring the pig out at the end and have the bride feed the big some wedding cake. so here's a photo of me in my dress...feeding a pig.
KARLI | oh gal. you're such a doll.

you seem to have a super positive outlook on life. leave us with some advice on keeping on the up and ups. what do you do to make yourself feel better if you ever feel down?

KARISSA | my positive outlook is the result of lots of therapy and the right medication. the stroke caused damage to the area of my brain that regulates emotions. this causes me to suffer from pretty bad anxiety and depression. i've learned lots of coping techniques in therapy, plus whenever i feel it getting out of control i schedule more sessions. venting to my poor husband helps. i also watch a lot of TV and read. distractions are a good method for coping for me.
KARLI | sound like you've got it dialed in gal. basically just knowing yourself and when it's time to take a step back to assess. i could have used that reminder a few days ago.

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