sooo...i have a little confession. i wasn't cool in high school. like...not at all. 

luckily, i was under the illusion that i actually was cool. like...part of the popular crowd. but really i was living in a state of blissful unawareness in my mom jeans and knock-off doc martens. i had no clue there were mean people. i didn't know there was drama. i certainly was oblivious that people were partying every weekend.

i would say this resulted in high school being an enjoyable experience. i just bopped along boyfriendless...with my biggest concern being whether or not i was going to get asked to the next dance and how many pages i had to read in a lame book for AP english. 

i was the girl with zero tardies and zero absences. yep...that girl.

to give you an even clearer farmer confessed that he NEVER would have gone for, ever. 

being blissfully oblivious wasn't a bad way to spend four years...especially after hearing stories of how people actually spent high school. that's rough. i mean...i could never have dealt with the grown-up issues some gals had to deal with.

the good news...we grow up. we grow up, get smarter, and turn into delightful, beautiful bloggers like mary of eat, drink, + be mary

miss beautiful is taking over my blog today and telling us all about things she'd rather do than head back to her mid teens. 

get it girl.
In high school I was one of those girls. The girl who doodled in her notebook instead of listening to the teacher.  Who passed notes and went googly-eyed for several boys. In high school,  I was like any other girl who had no care in the world. That was until my junior year when I started dating a guy who flipped my world upside down. A guy who went to a different school and later turned out to be a pathological liar, distancing me from my friends + making me hate high school.

Luckily, I got a grip a little less than two years after I fell under his spell and broke it off.  But my memories and high school experience were left marred and with bridges burned.  Today I'm sharing with y'all fourteen things I'd rather do than relive to high school.  

1. Boycott bagels for a month.  Talk about a struggle for a carb-lover like myself.

2. Slap Myself.  Let's face it, at times I deserved it.

3. Not drink my morning coffee.

4. Comment on a blog that has captcha.  Whyyyyyy?

5. Not be able to watch the Food Network for a week.

6. Check my twitter feed only to be responded with the awful spinning wheel that seems to never end.

7. Be in a nightmare and not be able to wake up.
I had braces and edited pictures and posted them on facebook like the one above; I mean come on
8. Be banned from Pinterest.

9. Have an inbox full of comments, just to see they all say "nice blog, I'd love if you checked out mine".  Well, its quite obvious you didn't actually read my post.  That just hurts.

10. Drink a tablespoon of hot sauce without anything to chase it with.

11. Attempt to eat a spoonful of cinnamon.

12. Eat Oysters.  YUCK!

13. Have a pimple under the skin.  Those suckers hurt!

14.  Not be able to use emojis ever again.  I take that back, that would just be too far.  
Maybe for different reasons, but I'm sure MANY of you can agree - you'd rather do a number of things rather than go back to high school.  What would you rather do than go back to those days of spending 8-3 in that building?  What/who is the reason you never want to relive those moments?

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