here's the thing. i've been on a quest for a flat stomach since i was old enough to worry about it...which in my case was probably far too young.

remember when babydoll t's were suuuuuper popular? not only would my parents have never let me wear one, but they didn't have to worry about me wearing one because i was far too self conscious of my belly.

bikinis? wouldn't find me in anything smaller than a tablecloth. no seriously...i was always very covered.

i wouldn't say i was a teen with self-confidence issues...i wasn't. but i would say i was very aware of what i looked like in clothes. and for an adolescent with huge boobs and a bit of a gut...let's just say i always wished i looked differently.

fast forward to college - i stopped playing sports and started drinking. not a good combo. i packed on at least twenty pounds. it wasn't a good look.

after college i realized i needed to get my shit together. i was unhealthy and thought huffing and puffing my way through a three mile run once a week was going to change things for me.

spoiler - it didn't.

i wizened up, started eating healthier and moving more. i was able to drop my college weight gain pretty quickly. that felt nice. but i still had the gut.

my stomach and boobs are definitely the spot on the bod where i gain first and lose last.

since my post-college shape up i've found a love for running. i've been running consistently for nearly 10 years, completing three half marathons and three triathlons. but guess what? i still have have a gut.

clearly finding the motivation to workout is not my problem. the conclusion i've come to is i have got to get my act together in the kitchen. i'm so lazy when it comes to making food i would almost rather not eat. obviously this is a non-option.

not too long ago i found some workouts from the tone it up gals and i kind of fell in the non-creepiest way possible. as it turns out they have an entire nutrition plan with ooooodles of recipes, but most importantly their motto is simple - lean, green, clean. they do have a protein supplement...but it's nothing i feel obligated to try, or feel like if i don't include the protein supplement into my diet i'll never look lean and toned. i just need to pay attention to the foods i put in my mouth and when. simple as that.

the other major change i'm making is incorporating lifting, HIIT, fine toning, kettlebells, and yoga into my workouts. i haven't lifted since high school.

with these two changes (nutrition and incorporating new types of workouts) i have suuuuper high hopes for the next eight weeks. oh yeah...the eight week bikini challenge with the tone it up gals started on sunday.

i've taken my before pictures and my measurements which i'm supposed to chart every two weeks. i truly feel that i've never been more committed to making a lifestyle change. if the gut doesn't go away after this...well then...i'm just meant to have a jiggly belly.

fair warning - i have a feeling i'm going to be blogging about this little fit-ass journey a lot over the next eight weeks. especially if i'm seeing results. i'll be posting after pictures all over this here blog.

here's to seven weeks and five days to go!

i'm two days in and i miss ice cream and beer. what's wrong with me?