i loooove fall. as in, i could have a love affair with it. like...i want to make out with fall.

things just got weird. i don't actually want to make out with fall. i just want to...make out with fall.

the days are crisp. the colors are vibrant yet calming (think - mustard, brick red, deep green, burnt orange). and while pumpkin recipes can be overdone, they are worth embracing for a few months out of the year. plus, if you put enough homemade whipped cream on anything...count me in. throw in some leggings, tall boots, scarves, and a latte...we're in serious fall business.

but before we get even further into my unhealthy relationship with a season, i want to thank all you fine fine gals for coming back week after week for this little linkup. amy and i love browsing through your posts and i hope you all are having fun finding fellow bloggers.

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1 | i started decorating because, let's face it, come mid-october i'll be lucky if i'm moving further than the couch to the kitchen back to the couch...and then once turtle 2.0 arrives...i'll be working diligently on flattening my rear because of the substantial amount of sitting that's going to be happening. so...on my birthday i popped into pottery barn and took advantage of some sale goodies. 
i snagged this glorious, plaid table runner and two cute pumpkins. 
i also get to use this sign i made last year at christmas time. it's dual purpose because come winter all i have to do is flip the sign around and it says "presents" on the other side. (my farmer chose the words. originally they were supposed to say "thankful" and "peace"...but he thought that seemed too cheesy, so we ended up with "turkey" and "presents." 
2 | another splurge for my birthday? some new leggings and some new boots to go with the new leggings...obviously!
source source
i'll do a review on the leggings, but for now just know they are hue brand and they are wonderful. they put my thin, j.crew leggings i've been trying to rock for the past two years to shame. i'll be purchasing several more pair.
3 | and let's not stop with fall. pottery barn has their holiday decor out already...and that makes me sweat because i want. it. ALL. if i could make it look like christmas threw up in my house six months out of the year...i would welcome it and my farmer would roll his eyes...a lot. regardless, here are some goodies i'm eyeballing...
but i mean...come on. who needs a woven reindeer head mount? me...that's who.
4 | i should probably get focused on my halloween costume, but let's face it. there's a solid chance i'll be on my back in a hospital bed. would it be appropriate to take kaye trick-or-treating around the labor + deliver/post-partum areas of the hospital? maybe the doctors will give her money? i'll dress her up as a surgeon...it'll be adorable. but probably not as adorable as her kitty cat costume from last year. 
5 | i'm a part of a little giveaway over on amy's blog. i'm going to try and rig it so i can take my $115 in winnings and buy some more fall decor. 

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