no seriously. i'm asking for help.

our poor turtle didn't get named until we were minutes away from the hospital the morning of her delivery.

i think we all saw how well that turned out...we call her turtle.

turtle, for god's sake.

my farmer had the idea of turning it over to all you super wonderful blog gals (and of course my three wonderful friends who read September FARM religiously):

if you had, have, want, are thinking about, considering having a baby...and if that baby just happened to be a girl...what names do/did you have picked out?

i know us gals aren't in the habit of spilling our favorite ideas for fear of someone stealing that one precious name - so maybe you could help a girlfriend out and give me your second, third, and fourth choices?

and then, just maybe, if we name our gal the name you farmer and i would absolutely love you forever. we would also expect you to send our gal a birthday present every year. i kid.

but seriously, comment your name idea. tweet me your name idea. facebook me your name idea. whichever avenue you choose...i'll be one grateful gal. and farmer and i will probably roll our eyes at each other a lot less.

(you don't even want to know what kind of names he's coming up with.)