what's better than having a fellow mom blogger on the blog?
having a fellow mom blogger that gives you compliments AND resembles you!

plus we're both from the northwest and we're engineers. and by engineers i mean she's an engineer and so was my farmer...before he became a farmer. this practically makes me an engineer. i swear. 

but enough about me...and natalie. you should head over to her neck of the woods to check out her little man, henry. 

makes my heart go tha-thump...he's that darn cute with all his blond hair. 

henry makes me think it might be okay to have a boy one day. and then i'm harshly slapped back to reality with the fun of being pregnant and awake between the hours of 3 am and ??? because the baby in you decides it's a great time to start kickboxing cardio workouts. 

no more babies. but natalie is going to tell you about her miracle baby, so read on. i can't stress enough what an enjoyable storyteller natalie is. find out for yourself by reading her top blog posts list...or just keep reading.

NATALIE | adventrues as mrs. janney

My mom came by one day and I happened to have September FARM open on my laptop.  When my mom walked by and saw what I was looking at, her immediate response was, "That's a really cute picture of you!"

Well, Mom, it's not me.  But it is a cute picture.
{Karli vs. me.  Please ignore my awful hair.  This picture is a couple of years old.}

So apparently Karli and I are twins.  At least according to my mother.

I'm taking it as a huge compliment but it is good to know my own mom couldn't pick me out of a line-up.

Since Karli and I are NOT actually twins, here's a little info about me:

My name is Natalie.
{I only really take selfies in the bathroom at work}

About 2 months after we got married, my husband's dad was diagnosed with Liver Cancer.  A few months later, we decided that life is short and we were ready to have a baby!  And then we waited.  And we waited.  And we waited.  And then we found out that we might have some fertility hurdles.  After the initial grief and shock, we picked out a clinic and were ready to tackle infertility head on.

Then I found out I had cancer.

Baby plans were on hold for a year or so.  So we got a puppy instead.  What can I say, I needed to nurture.
{His name is Cotton}

{We have another dog too.  She's pretty much the best dog in the world.  People threaten to dognap her}

I found out I was pretty much cancer free and then three days later, I found out I was pregnant.  
Henry is our little miracle baby.
I'm a working mom and business owner, so finding balance between home and work are a constant struggle.  But I am doing my best to figure it out, one day at a time.

I feel like this is weird to say, but I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of Karli's second little girl, partially because I have baby fever like nobody's business and one of two things needs to happen:

1) Seeing another cute baby will calm down my need to pro-create for the time being; or
2) Seeing someone handle 2 kids under 3 really well will calm down the panic attack that happens whenever I think about adding more chaos to my house.

I'm thinking it is an either/or situation.  No pressure Karli, but make it number 2.  :)

My husband and I talk about "family planning" with a bit of a laugh.  If our family planning had gone the way we wanted it to, we'd have a 3 year old.  There's only so much we can control and that is something that life has made PERFECTLY clear to us in the 4 years we have been married.

I am also trying to not be completely jealous of Karli's 16 lbs weight gain during her pregnancy since I gained 59.  
{I think this was 2 days prior to labor starting}

Not a typo.  Fifty-nine.  I was huge.  Honestly, with the swelling during childbirth, I was unrecognizable.  No worries though, I lost it all plus 7.  And I am seriously hoping I can keep the weight gain down the next time around.

I'd love for you to pop on over and check out my little space on the internet!  My blog isn't fancy enough to have sponsors, but I do like to do button exchanges (and those are free).

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was i right? you love her? me too.

and natalie...i can promise you i won't make being a mom of two easy, but i'm all for having company in the matter, so get busy and we can read each other's stories of triumph a tragedy. and by tragedy i mean i'm pretty sure i'm going to lose one of my kids in a corn field one day. cue the panic attacks already.