no big deal today guys. i just get to share with you (for the THIRD time) an awesome gal with an awesome blog who's been here two times before.

except this time we get to check out her etsy shop - hole in her stocking designs.

but as a may remember the first time she was on the blog when she told us all about her experience photographing a family...and the dad's, ummm, family jewels were on display.

oh, you don't remember that post? you should read it.

then there was the second time she was on the blog where we had a fun q + a sesh. that's when she spilled more awesome moments where she talks about verbal altercations with b*tches and doing makeup for famous people.

basically, what i'm saying, we are so so lucky to have jenny from dancin' with a dolly and a hole in her stocking designs BACK on September FARM!

i had the chance to chat with jenny about her shop with all her lovely goodies and i'm thrilled to share!

when it comes to gals like jenny, i always get super curious as to how they find the time and motivation to not only write a blog, but on top of that take their dream and turn it into a reality.

jenny has done just that! girlfriend has always loved making jewelry and would take her goodies to craft fairs and get her sell on. then the magical world of etsy happened, so she knew she had to capitalize on the opportunity of online sales. however, jenny has bigger plans above and beyond the craft fairs and the etsy shop. jenny wants to use the money she earns from her etsy shop to one day open her very own brick and mortar store! can't blame her for that...and i'm full of admiration! if i had any sort of creative talent you KNOW i'd be all over trying to start my own bizz. but, that's just not in the cards for some of us. but for jenny...yes. girlfriend has some skill.

i also asked jenny to share her favorite pieces with us, and like any good, unbiased mother (who doesn't love one child more than the other) she explained that each of her pieces comes from her creative genius (my words, not hers)...and it's hard for her to pick because she loves them all! but...gun to her head, she loves...
dainty mermaid boho wrap bracelet
but her ultimate favorite (at the moment) is...
blue, mint, pink + silver eclectic beaded memory wire bracelet
girl...all i have to say is i love them all. i can see why you find it hard to choose!

but don't worry everyone...jenny is not only talented, but she's SUUUUPER generous too! she's offering September FARM readers a 20% discount with the code KARLISPECIAL! umm...that's awesome. so head over to her etsy site and get your shop on! (just remember, christmas is like...less than six weeks away. those are the facts.)

that's not all, though. jenny is taking it one step further and is going to do a GIVEAWAY for a $25 SHOP CREDIT! get on it!