true to form...some lady-ladies and i are back this fine monday morning to offer you some sweet sweet mula and a personalized clutch from monkeyseeboutique!

and you know what? i think you should thank us for such a fantastic opportunity! know why?

maybe you didn't realize christmas is about five (FIVE!!!!) weeks away. (gasp!)

you better believe i've had to talk myself out of bringing the christmas decorations inside more than once, twice...more than several times. especially when i scroll through instagram and i see people are embracing putting up their christmas tree already. i would be that person, but surely my farmer would harass me until next christmas.

speaking of trees...i'm having an internal debate to go real or faux. i've never ever ever had a fake tree. but maybe it's time to embrace the convenience?

no needles all over my floor, no fire hazard, no watering, no annoying tree the faux tree i'm eyeballing has LED lights on it already. that's a win, right?

please cast your vote in the comments - realzies or fakesies?

but obviously we should get back to the giveaway, now.

we wish you the very best of luck as you try to win yourself some christmas cash!

(and don't forget to show each of these gal-faces some love while you're at it.)
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