sawyer-muffin. how did you get to one month old already? i'm finally experiencing that sensation moms talk about when they say, they grow up too fast!

i in no way thought this during kaye's infancy. time dragged. i blame it on the epic life-shift our world had just taken.

but you, sawyer-bear, are growing up way too fast. maybe it's because you're the sweetest muffin alive? maybe it's because i'm chasing your sister around and in a blink it's time to start dinner?

whatever it is...i wish i could keep you a newborn just a little longer. extra few weeks. but that's just not going to happen because, girlfriend, in just the past two days you've traded your hours and hours of sleeping for your little personality. a personality that's full of arm-flailing, squeaks, grunts, and observation.

seriously, you're quite the observant little bear. you really like to watch your sister and me play on the floor, and you don't mind when things get a little wild and loud.

speaking of loud...your turtle-sister loves you a lot. lots of kisses. lots of pat-pats. and she's always asking to give you hugs. yesterday she finally called herself sister. we've been working on that one for just shy of a year now. sheesh. maybe that was kaye's final acceptance that you're here to stay...a permanent fixture in our family of four.

muffy-muff - we're beyond smitten with all your cuteness and sweetness.


nicknames | sweets, muffin-bear, sawyer-muffin, muffy-muffs...and most other combinations of those words.

weight | according to our scientific process called the at-home're just shy of 9 1/2 pounds, up from 6 lbs. 3 oz. at birth. solid performance my love.

sleep | you start your day around 5:30 - 6 am for nursing and have been staying awake until around 7 am. this is perfect because that's when kaye wakes up. i'm able to get her dressed, breakfast made, and spend a little time with her before you're ready to eat again. you definitely have a little schedule worked out and take three naps a day that last at least an hour. you are ready for bed around 8 pm and wake again between 11 pm - 12 am for your first snack of the night. you wake again around 3 am, and then we're back at 6 am, ready to start the day.

eats | you're a nursing machine, but a snacker...which is not super ideal, so we'll work on it this month. basically, you like to eat every two hours for a very short period of time. so i give you a 10 minute break and then nurse you again, and sometimes have to give you another little break and nurse you again. it's a long process. but, we're getting it done.

speaking of eats, i've been able to get my pump on and a nice little stockpile has started. i see some kid-free outings for me in the near future!

loves | you love to be carried, and i love carrying you. you love napping on your farmer's chest...and it really is the sweetest. you enjoy being wrapped loosely in your blankie for sleeping, but not swaddled.

dislikes | at one month, you're definitely not picky. the only dislike i've observed is when you have bubbles in your tummy and need to be burped, but even then you seem to only be mildly annoyed. once i burp you, you're perfectly content.

speaking of burping - this is something your sister never needed. it's been so fun noticing all the differences between the two of you.
sawyer-muff...i'm so happy you're here and have made the past month so enjoyable. you make your farmer, sister, and me smile every day.

now grow just a little so we can start dressing you in all your super cute hand-me-down clothes.