call me crazy...but i love changing up our chalkboard each season. not only do i feel mildly creative, but i'm usually tickled pink with myself with the end result. 

(i've been known to be my own biggest fan. lots of positive accolades in the mirror out here on the farm.)

but back to the chalkboard. i like to change it up with the season and winter is no different. 

i don't have much of a system when it comes time to switch it up. but for this go-round i popped around pinterest and took some screen shots of chalkboards i liked and meshed them together to make my own.

i gathered my supplies and set up shop on the floor while both girls were napping...and i certainly should have been napping too.
armed with my phone inspiration i got to work. as it turns out...circles, squares, lines, and triangles are not hard to do.
i do believe that washing the chalkboard took at least double time time it took me to complete the drawing.
and while the final product isn't perfect (notice the blob of white)'s the imperfections that make it an original, right?

the hardest part (besides washing the chalkboard) were all the tiny circles. they were a little obnoxious to draw.
but i cute is this little snowman. i love him.
and he looks good below all the liquor and wine...and next to my very favorite santa cookie jar.