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M Y  F I V E

1 | i totally managed to get my farmer off the farm for a little ski vay-cay. so far...so amazing. we're staying in a beautiful townhouse that our friends are so generously letting us occupy. we just arrived this afternoon, and so far, none of us have had any issue making ourselves at home. 
2 | the townhouse is in the middle of a lovely resort, complete with it's own pub. since it's thursday night, we basically had the delicious pub to ourselves. first we ate dinner, then we challenged some some locals to a game of beer-pong and lost...terribly. meanwhile, turtle discovered automatic doors and had the night of her life. 
3 | tomorrow we'll get the turtle on skis...again. we'll see if she's a one hit wonder or if she really has what it takes at two years old. 
4 | in other news...my very best muffin got her two month shots on wednesday. i have never seen a more unhappy muffin. we're talking real tears from my sweet girl's eyes. it might have been the saddest thing i've ever seen. luckily, it seems the sadness only lasted the duration of wednesday and she's back to her old, cooing self. 
5 | and in final news...i have no final news. unless you count totally sticking to my resolution of being mindful of the trash i put in my mouth. i've really cut back on the snacking. now that i've really been keeping track, i'm shocked at how much i actually was grabbing for food when i wasn't even hungry. i'll be posting some progress pictures next week.

spoiler: there hasn't been much progress. at least i can't see a difference. 

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