sometimes...more often than i'd like to admit...i get jealous. i'm a jealous gal. you should have seen the crazy, jealous eyes that were out when i was dating my farmer. i swear every gal was after him. (i mean...probably not...but that's what i thought.)

today i'm just a tad jealous of rebekah.

*she's younger than me.
*she isn't tied down by offspring.
*it really seems like rebekah is living life to the fullest!

don't get me wrong, i love where i am in life...but sometimes i fantasize about what it would be like to dip back into my mid-twenties. sometimes.

i guess i'll just live vicariously. thanks rebekah. rub it in.

KARLI | what is it about blogging that keeps you coming back?

REBEKAH | Honestly I don't know- I was actually thinking about this on the subway the other day because I'm quickly approaching my one year anniversary of blogging. I had no idea what I was getting into when I started and it has become a hobby that I really enjoy doing. I think I keep coming back each day because it is nice to get my thoughts out there- whether it be a book review, a rant on nonsense or just letting people know what I did with my day. I like the idea that I'm being held accountable and someone might be depending on reading a new post to get them through their day just like I use other blogs (like yours) to get me through mine.

KARLI | do you watch the real housewives of (city)? if so, which cast would you most like to be a part of and who would be your bestie? 

REBEKAH | I'm probably one of the lone bloggers out there that doesn't watch any of the housewives or reality tv (bachelor and bachelorette) in general. I'm much more of a Walking Dead, American Horror Story kind of gal.. but ultimately I would love to be a part of the Glee cast, or Nashville. Love the singing dramas!
yep, I put my face on the poster- because I'm awesome
KARLI | where do you see yourself in five years? 

REBEKAH | I have no idea where I see myself in five years. I see myself in so many directions - right now I know that I am planning on thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail in 2016. For this I'm going to have to take 5-7 months off of my life and I can only try and anticipate if it will change where I want to be when I'm done. I assume I will go back to NYC and find a new job or (cross my fingers) return to whatever job I'm at before I started. It could also revamp my entire existence and lead me in a whole new direction. So no five year plans here- just a plan to get through my hike, and then I will go from there!
KARLI | please tell us more about costa rica and the family you work for!! so amazing!

REBEKAH | Costa Rica is just one of several trips I have taken with the family I work for. I find it hard to describe my job sometimes but in a weird way I am the "stay-at-home Mom"- except I get paid for it. I do all the shopping, cooking, scheduling, restocking, managing of handymen, everything. The family has two adorable little boys, who are 3 and 5. I call them the munchkins or Big and Little J on the blog. I've traveled with them to Spain, France, England, Panama, Barbados, and Costa Rica. For the most part I love my job- although,as with every job, there are a lot of struggles and my days are very long. It has definitely prepared me for having my own children one day and managing my own home. And I get to cook every night- which I love.
KARLI | you’re big on reading? any must-reads you would like to share? 

REBEKAH | I'm addicted to reading, if that could be a thing. My all time favorite books are A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, the Harry Potter series and recent favorites have included The Darkest Minds trilogy (I'm calling it the new Hunger Games), Outlander and Discovery of Witches. I love sharing my reviews on the blog of recent reads. I'm going to try my absolute best this year to keep track of everything I read- so far I'm already on book # 8!
KARLI | can you share three of your favorite posts? 

REBEKAH | Harry Potter is My Homeboy , 5 Travel Tips for NYC,  and Confessions: My Thighs Touch . I'm a huge huge huge fan of Harry Potter (much more so the books- not the movies) and Harry Potter is My Homeboy is my tribute to him, how I found the series, what it means to me and hoping that if you are not already hooked- you will be soon. My travel tips for NYC are helpful for any new or old visitor to this great city- plus it includes some apps that will aid you on your way! And my confession (because who doesn't love a good confession!) but one that is honest, and talks about the dreaded size issues.


oh rebekah. you doll, you. i'll even forgive you for not watching any real housewives...but only because i think it's ridiculously rad that you're going to hike the appalachian trail!!! (and i love that you're a harry potter fan. i can't wait to read those books to my gals.)

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