we've been working pretty hard out here on the farm. so hard, in fact, we just haven't had time to change out of our princess attire...ever. 

it's hard work being a princess. what with all the concrete pouring...and other princess things. you probably wouldn't understand. 

but we haven't been too busy to put together the march group giveaway...and it's a hefty one!

hefty to the tune of $170 in PayPal cash. you bet. 

oh! and i bet you couldn't help but notice all the snazzy ladies who brought you the giveaway.

pretty enough to be princesses...that's all i'm saying.

do your thing. check the gal-faces out. find a new blog or seven. get entered. good luck!
caley | chelsea | amy | nina
sophi | karli | hannah | kati rose
paige | mary | hayley | libby

is a group giveaway your thing? please feel free to get yourself in on that action...let september farm be your vehicle! check out my ad spaces!

happy tuesday!