browsing | i have several different windows open on my safari browser: tone it up (obviously), banana republic...on the hunt for a dress for a wedding, and patagonia. my gals and their suuuuuper fair skin are going to need sun shirts and hats. i plan on logging a lot of boat, garden, and general outside play time.

wearing | my pj's. i changed in to those approximately two and a half minutes after both children were in bed.

watching | 30 for 30. does anybody else watch these? they are the best sports stories on ESPN...and can also be found on netflix. love 'em.

wishing | i wish this ridiculous bikini challenge allowed for all the ice cream i want. i mean...i'd probably only eat it like four times a week. is that excessive?

jazzed about | when i stepped on the scale this morning for my once a week weigh-in i was down two pounds. that's fun.

sipping on | aveda tea | thé. it really is soooooo yummy. it's the only thing keeping me out of the freezer to dig into all that ice cream in there.

wondering | who the hell is lilly pullitzer? i mean...i think i saw her name a few times when i was looking at bikinis a few months ago, but that was literally the first time. is it a southern thing?

looking forward to | in about a month and a half farmer and i will be traveling to santa barbara for the wedding of two fantastically fantastic people. my cousin and his beyond gorgeous gal. i'll be so super sad to leave sawyer-muffin for the first time...and kaye. that gal owns my heart. but to have that little getaway right around the corner with just my farmer...oi. i cannot wait.

netflix obsession | parenthood. why didn't i know this show was so good when it was on tv? makes my time on the treadmill borderline bearable.

nervous about | i have to take both girls to the grocery store. i don't know why it gets me so worked up, but it does. maybe it's because we live a 35 minute drive that in itself has potential to go terribly wrong with two children? maybe it's kaye's horrific mood swings she's been throwing our way for the past week? or maybe i'm nervous for no reason. wish us luck.