we've hit a new milestone over here on the farm...and it goes by the name -

my name is sawyer and i refuse to sleep.

i'm having a suuuuper hard time with this because my sawyer-muff is so damn sweet. i don't want to make her cry it out in her crib. i want her to go back to the way she was two days ago when i would lay her down every two hours and she would close her eyes and drift off to dream land for an hour or so. 

is this too much to ask? 

"sawyer? just do what you were doing, k?" 

we sleep-trained kaye...and i stand by that it was an awesome gift for her and us. i know it's controversial, but...here on the farm, we're into it. it's what we do. so now...it's what sawyer-muff does. 

anyway...we want to hear your five - 

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M Y  F I V E  - O L D  F A C E B O O K  P H O T O S

i'm digging deep into my Facebook past and sharing five old pictures and their stories!

1 | a long long time ago my farmer and i were river enthusiasts. we would go whitewater kayaking several nights a week...and you could always find us on the river in the summer time. we just loved it...we still do, actually. it's just a little harder to make those trips happen with the kids and all. farmer and i chat about how much fun it will be to take kaye rafting this summer...and sawyer in a few years, obviously. 
2 | before i left the country in hopes of my farmer falling madly in love with me (which he did), i had to go to hawaii for work. my boss suggested i bring my then boyfriend along...and i thought that was an excellent idea. you would think in all the romance of hawaii and the fact that i starved myself and spent approximately 70-hundred hours in a tanning bed my farmer would have fallen in love with me there...he didn't. i had to wait until...
3 | i became a nanny in prague. no seriously...it was my game plan that if i left the country my farmer would realize just how much he missed me, beg me to come home, propose, marriage, kids...blah blah blah. and guess what...it kind of went that way. except my farmer didn't exactly fall madly in love with me right away. he waited until after i had been home for a couple of years to pop the question...he's a stubborn thing.

in the picture above, however, i was on a ski holiday with the family i was nannying for in france. where we were skiing, the resort crossed from france into switzerland...so we literally were skiing from france to switzerland and back to france in a matter of a few runs. it was stunning.
4 | when i got back to the states was when i really started getting into running. at that time i thought it was a super good idea to sign up for my first triathlon. my farmer and i weren't engaged yet, but definitely were headed that direction. i got this suuuuuuper cray-cray girl thought in my head that maybe, just maybe my farmer might propose to me at the finish line. wouldn't that have been epically amazing? one for books, for sure. but he didn't. luckily i was so thankful to have finished i kind of didn't care that my ring wasn't at the finish line. i had to wait two more months. 
5 | and then he did propose. and then we did get married. and guess what? my farmer...that guy can dance. our first dance was to sweet pea by amos lee. my farmer spun, whipped, spun, dipped me all over the dance floor. hands down...the best dance of my life.

a close second? the first time i danced with my farmer...at a bar...to the song save a horse ride a cowboy.

and that sums up memory lane for today.

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