yay! it's my favorite time of the month...let me start that over. 

yay! i have three great gals featured here today...and i really do love these features. i'm always so pleasantly surprised that i haven't reached the end of blog-land and that there are always fun new reads to find...like these three. 
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at the time, this was super embarrassing, but now looking back, it's just plain funny! as i was getting dressed for my senior prom, i went to zip up my dress and the zipper BROKE halfway up. my mom and i tried and tried to get it to go farther but it just wouldn't budge. thankfully, the zipper was on the side so it was somewhat hidden by my arm, so my mom was able to sew it up. i was able to go to prom and no one had any idea about my zipper. however, when i went to get out of the dress that night, we had to CUT me out because my mom had done such a good job sewing me up plus the zipper was stuck in the perfect spot where i couldn't get it off. it was pretty sad but funny to see my dress all cut up once i finally got out of it!

F A V O R I T E  P O S T S

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when we first got married, i was beyond excited about preparing his first dinner. problem was, i had no idea how to do anything in the kitchen. i twas a disaster zone to say the least. the marines had moved us 1500 miles away from my family, so i had no one to turn to for help! he came home to burnt food, the biggest mess in the kitchen, and a chocolate cake that looked more like a pancake or cow "you know what". his reaction was just WOW! i was so embarrassed. my big debut as a house wife was unsuccessful to say the least! looking back now, it is hilarious and we joke about it all the time. i've come a long way, thas for sure. in fact, that is what inspired the post on these cookies.

F A V O R I T E  P O S T S

But that's not all! Alexis also has a little something up her sleeve:

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i often joke that my life is like living in Christmas Vacation and i am chevy chase. the list of embarrassing things i could tell you about me could last for years. one of the most mortifying, however, happened at work. i am an event planner and am often required to get on stage in front of a crowd of people to check that the microphones are working and that everything is ready. during one particular event, i got on stage to perform my usual tasks and remember walking one moment and then suddenly being on the ground the next. i tripped...in front of everyone. the entire room was stunned into the most horrifying silence i could imagine. to add insult to injury, i was wearing a dress that had inevitably flown up. luckily, i was able to hop back up quickly (with the aid of a guest) and run off stage, but not before the sound of my boss's voice echoed around the silent room from back stage, "she's down! she's down!" needless to say, i now ensure that all power cords are securely taped to the stage. 

F A V O R I T E  P O S T S

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