everyone knows i had a baby so i could throw another party. 

and everyone knows that i threw a party so i could blog about it. so for all you math whizzes out there...

baby + party = blog post. 

simple arithmetic. 

so as i was saying...to celebrate mother's day i threw a little party on the farm!

it was absolutely wonderful to have friends and family out to eat so so much delicious food, watch the kids play, enjoy the sunshine...and enjoy champagne and bloody mary's. 
now, as you may know, i've been participating in an eight week #binkinseries with the tone it up gals...and i hate to say that exactly none of what i ate yesterday would have been on the approved list...except for the fruit. but when in rome, right? i mean...i birthed two babies. i'm going to eat a cinnamon roll if i want to on mother's day. 

in party-prep i went to pinterest and found some super cute, super easy ideas.

delicious fruit in a waffle cone? you bet.
throw that fruit in some honey-vanilla yogurt + granola...absolutely.

donut hole + fruit on skewers? what's mother's day without those? lame...that's what.
and let's give a necessary shoutout to amazon for $4.00 floral patterned straws providing some necessary springy, mother's day-y pizzaz. and mason jars...i love thee.
it wasn't all sweets at the party. in addition to some cheesy hash browns, and delicious quiche...i whipped up bacon skewers. this is definitely my new favorite way to make bacon - 350 degree oven for 35 minutes. all the fat drains off and you're left with delicious, crispy bacon. yes.

naturally i couldn't put this whole thing together myself. i commissioned amy, over at the farmer's wife, to make these AMAZING amazing AMAZINGLY delicious blueberry muffins with a cream cheese-lemon frosting. seriously...these are so good. i fell in love and will definitely be adding them to my recipe box for special occasions. 
to wash it all down we had options of mimosas, bloody mary's, juice, iced coffee, chocolate milk...and plain, super boring, sparkling water. 
sidenote - does anyone else have issue with their husbands posing for pictures? my farmer is always ready for a super creepy face. 
i'm nearly positive it's safe to say nobody left on a sugar low...per se.
in addition to the pretty florals, i snazzied up a little chalkboard for more mother's day festive-ness.
which of course i had to get some shots with my gals in front of.
these gals...

and my best gals...

H A P P Y  M O T H E R ' S  D A Y !

(i'll leave you with some more fun shots of our wonderful day!)