well...considering kaye has been in her big girl room since several months before sawyer was born it's probably time i finally share the most colorful room in our home. 

the way our house is set up we have our master bedroom upstairs and the nursery is adjacent. suuuuper convenient. so when it came time to decide what we were going to do when sawyer arrived, it was a no-brainer that kaye would move downstairs (daylight basement) and sawyer would take over the nursery. 

we started the transition about four months before sawyer's arrival by transitioning kaye to a twin bed. there was no way we were going to fork over more mula for another crib...so kaye was out of her crib at 20 months...and girlfriend rocked that transition. 

we started by taking her crib away and putting a twin mattress on the floor with a guard rail. her twin bed frame arrived about a month later so i got busy painting the mint stripes in the downstairs bedroom while my farmer set up the bed. he wanted to move kaye downstairs that night, but i was so nervous. she has been such a good sleeper, i was terrified the room change was going to mess it up. it also symbolized my little baby growing up. so the basement room sat vacant for a good while. 

about a month before sawyer's arrival, my farmer gave it to me straight - we had to move kaye downstairs...so we did. and guess what...she did amazingly. it was also at this time that we moved kaye from the twin on the floor to the twin on the frame with the guardrail. more than once i saw on the monitor kaye wedged up against the guardrail...it was a necessity after all. 

side note - see that super cute heart garland above the tee pee? that was a gift from jessica, the gal behind sometimes sweet studio. thanks jessica!
kaye has officially been in her big girl room for seven months now, and even though it's a basement bedroom...it's light and bright and full of color...just like my kaye. 

my dad made this sign for kaye when she was born. it hung above her door in her nursery and now claims her tee pee!
these letters sit above her dresser but used to go above her crib...until she ripped them off the wall when she learned how to stand.
throw pillow from land of nod.
remember when i blogged about making this heart art? well...now it sits perfectly with her little wall collage.
and this poster i found at land of nod. the little quote always warms my heart. now each night kaye will point to the poster and say, "moon and back." it's the best.
this little coat rack usually holds all her princess dresses. i snagged this at pottery barn kids.

and lastly! russell's grandpa used to be quite the woodworker. he carved this little duck...years and years and years ago...and now it sits atop a collection of classics my sister has started for my girls.