my gal, my kaye. she's at SUCH a fun age. dare i say, i'd consider her easy at this point?

at least comparatively to having two children. if you're planning a day trip anywhere you may as well wear workout clothes because at any given moment you may be caring between 30 - 60 pounds.

but when you just have a nearly three year old at your side...ahhhhh. you almost want to carry them around, if only to pretend they are your baby again.

yesterday, for the first time in nearly a year, my gal and i took a day date to boise. or as she put it - "just kaye and mommy? just kaye and mommy? just kaye and mommy? where's bitty?"

kaye said it over and over and over again.

unfortunately, it resulted in a series of terrible pictures as i tried to document our bad in fact, they are almost comical.

we started out with lunch after she woke up from her nap on the way to boise. girlfriend is a rough waker-uper, so i couldn't push the picture taking // mommy-daughter selfie. i settled for a snap of her back. however, once i got enough lemonade in her, she perked right up.

next we popped over to baby gap to start getting some ideas on what to put together for our family pictures coming up. i wasn't in love with anything, but luckily their second fall line is dropping august 29th - in store. so i'll sit tight for those. i'm not going to bomb ANOTHER year of family pictures by waiting until the last minute.

however, in our browsing, my gal fell in love with a pair of leopard print mary janes...and who am i to say no to a great pair of shoes? i mean...leopord is practically a neutral, right? they'll go with everything?
for being such a good girl as we shopped, naturally we had to ride the escalator. my gal LOVES the escalator and no fewer than five trips up and down and up and down will do. i was shocked when i told her it was time to go and she didn't throw a fit. but maybe that's because it was time for swimming!

kaye and i met up with cathie and her best gal, claire. claire is a year older than kaye and does an excellent job of showing kaye the ropes. and while claire is a fish in the water, my gal was more content to hang in the hot tub and jump of the side onto my head when i wasn't looking. again...another terrible picture.

but let's have a look at kaye's little pigtails. it was only after i fixed her hair for the day, i realized she looked like a jim carrey character from in living color, vera de milo. am i right?!
claire, however, killed it in the pool. she was jumping, swimming, diving all over the place. it made me realize we have got to get kaye in swimming lessons this winter.

swimming was followed by pizza at a favorite restaurant followed by in-house made ice cream sandwiches. it was all i could do to pry the cookie//ice cream combo from my gal's sticky hands to steal a bite. share with your mother!

we had one more stop on the agenda following dinner - checking out cathie's new home! cathie and her husband decided to build a house a few months back, and after just a few short months, it's pugging right along! we headed to their homesite to check the progress, which is less of a homesite and more of an actual home now! as we walked from room to room to room - kaye took it upon herself to get covered from eyelash to toe in drywall dust. bless her.

regardless - i'm SO excited for cathie and her little family to move into their new home! i'm even more excited to sit in their bonus room and watch the bachelor on a GIANT tv.

that was that! my day date with my best gal. my farmer doesn't know, but i'll need him to take sawyer again and again and again over the coming months so my kaye and i can continue our outings.

next time - pedicures.