oh happy weekending is upon us. no mad about it.

i'm also not mad about the following things -

+ my birthday is in LESS than a month.

+ my farmer and i went on a date last night (more on that below).

+ i feel like fall weather is merely moments away. i adore fall weather. give me all the scarves and tall boots...and probably booties this season. i definitely need some cute booties. more on that below, too. plus i'm 100% done with 100ยบ days. ick.

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M Y  F I V E

1 | it's a date!
my farmer and i finally celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary. we went back and forth and back and forth on what to do. normally we would have driven the hour into the big city and done (fill in whatever), but since we're in the middle of cutting hay we knew time was off the essence and we didn't want to spend an hour in the car there and and hour driving back. yuck. so we opted for visiting a winery that's not too far from us and also has a golf course. we hit up the driving range, did a wine tasting, and finished with dinner and cheesecake. uh...yum.
2 | fall weather

you guys...fall is just around the corner! it's so close i can feeeeel it! and because i can feeeeel it, i thought i should probably begin prepping, right? it only makes sense. so when banana republic sent me their early access to their friends + family, i jumped. 
i'm not one to wear camo. in fact, i've never worn camo. but i'm going to give it a shot this year. 
and these booties? i'm not totally sold, but i have my eye on them.
and this green, plaid scarf. it's definitely already on it's way to mi casa. mi casa su casa, green scarf. welcome home.
3 | speaking of fall, my birthday month is...NEXT MONTH. as in...less than a month away. i'll be the thrilling age of 32. and it's true what they say - 32 is the new 22. so i have big plans go back to eating cereal every night for dinner and waking up at 10 am on the weekends. oh 22. come back.

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4 | and that's it guys. i'm not going to do a 4 or 5 because it's 10:06 pm on thursday and i still have party paper thingies to work on! namely - a logo card for a local gal who sells super cute home decor.  tiffany, i swear if you're reading this...i AM working on it. i really am!

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