yes yes. we're still talking about birthday fun over here, but let me tell you why -

you see, my farmer and i got each other exactly zero things for our birthdays this year. yay romance!

honestly, i thought about getting him a nice set of workout headphones, but then i didn't. he'll just leave them in a tractor, never to be seen again.

and i got myself these frye i didn't feel like i really needed anything else for my birthday. know what i mean? granted...i kind of gift myself a lot of things throughout the year, so when it comes down to birthday // christmas // mother's farmer is usually at a loss. farmer gave me the gift of time! he took the entire weekend (thursday - saturday) off and we headed out guessed it, mccall.

and what a birthday treat, for the three hour drive, the girls...slept! granted, kaye was awake until midnight that night, but it sure makes for a peaceful, stress-free road trip.

on friday my farmer's parents took both the girls so my farmer could take me out to breakfast. we ventured all over town doing this, that, and the other (vague, i know)...but the beauty of it all is we were kid-free. then we ate our second meal sans children! this is such a rare treat. to finish off the day we met back up with my farmer's parents, took the girls to a park, ate some pizza, and called it a night.

i know, i know...this doesn't exactly seem like the perfect birthday. but really, it was wonderful. i mean...i may be leaving out a tiny tiny (huge) detail that i hope i get to share soon...but it's not 100% you (mostly me) are just going to have to sit tight and hope everything goes through.

so what i'm saying is - hold onto your horses and cross your fingers and toes for me! i know i am.

on saturday farmer, the girls, and i rented a tandem bike and rode all over town checking out the different neighborhoods with farmer's mom...who conveniently pointed out a brewery we didn't know about...and we can't wait to check out. apparently there's a beer there infused with jalepeno...i'd like to test how that goes down.

pair that bike ride with a stop at our favorite milkshake spot and it was another wonderful day.

that's it. that was the birthday celebration with not one complaint!

here's to eight more days of celebrating all the september birthdays!